It’s almost impossible to find people who don’t have hair problems, but when you do find those mystical creatures with beautiful hair and close to no complaints about their locks, you have to wonder what they could POSSIBLY do that to maintain those gorgeous locks you’d be willing to have.

So we scourged through pages and found that there really ten simple things you can do, to make sure your hair feel totally loved. And here are your ten commandments for good hair!

Habit One: Eat Right!

It’s hard to imagine at first, but when you give it a thought, you’ll be surprised by how obvious this one is. Healthy food, rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins is good for your body, and great for your hair too. How can it not be? So want good hair? Start by eating right!

Habit Two: Wash Sparingly

Sure, there’s a lot of pollution in the air, there’s too much dust around you and by the time you’re done with your day, it only feels right to get in the shower and wash that dirt away.
Sounds like a good formula, but the results aren’t in favour of your hair. Everyday washes and shampooing drains your hair of all its moisture and that’s never a good thing is it?
So keep the washing to every other day if you must, with some deep conditioning once a week, and you’ll be alright.

Habit Three: Lukewarm Water

It’s true, nothing feels better than hot water pouring down your scalp after a long day’s work. But you know what? That’s a habit you want to let go off today! Really hot water dries out your hair.
The habit you need to adopt for your hair, is making sure you wash those locks with lukewarm water, just like at the salon.

Habit Four: Forget the Tools

It’s easy to get used to using the hairdryer, the curling irons, the straightener and all the other tools we know aren’t great for our hair, but can’t seem to stay away from.

Try using as little of them as you can. Air-dry your hair when you have time, and don’t be afraid to go natural more often!

Habit Five: Sun Protection

It’s not just your face and hands, your hair gets damaged by the blaring rays of the sun to. So a good habit to explore would be, to try out different ways to cover or shade your hair from the sun. You could use hats, caps, scarves, or even sport a Nefertiti hair-do. Anything is possible!

Habit Six: Trim Regularly

Research says it, your hairstylist says it, and even your mummy’s said it a hundred times a year- you’ve got to get that trim, and you’ve got to it often!

The only reason you need to trim your hair often, is because split ends move upwards and they tend to make you hair thinner, and obviously weaker than usual.

Habit Seven: Keep it Loose

Pulling your hair tight into a bun, ponytail or even a tight braid isn’t good for your hair since it pulls it from the roots.
Keep your tied her a little lose, and try to stay away from roughing your hair up, rolling the ends around your finger while you play with it too.

Habit Eight: Don’t Over comb

Keep the combing to once a day. Brushing over too many times a day leads to traction and the stretching of your hair.

Habit Nine: Alternate Products

As the weather changes, so do the needs of your hair. Find products that can nourish your hair with the need for the season.
Switch your hair products around as the seasons shift, so you can maintain their levels of moisture and hydration.

Habit Ten: Go Natural

Hair colors can help you add layers to your persona, but the truth is, with all the other things our hair goes through, dyeing regularly can never be good.
Find a way to balance out your experiments with hair colors. Not only will it give your hair a chance to be natural, it also give you something to new to try out.

Do you have hair-care tips that help you maintain great hair? Share them with us in the comments!

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