If you’re anything like I used to be, then you still feel that familiar twang of annoyance every time you shop, and you can’t tell why. Your best friend’s feeling pretty much everything she’s trying on, and you can’t even get yourself to step out of the trial room!
Well you’re not alone. That feeling you can’t put a finger on? That’s called ‘inner style diva crying to be let out’, in other words, that’s just your beautiful heart, telling you, you need to unshackle those personal fashion commandments and let lose, the deliciousness that is you!
So you might’ve been looking for one, but hey, we’ve got 10, totally agreeable can-do’s to set yourself on the path to ultimate, Fashion Freedom.

Step #One: It ain’t about the size!
The truth, is so obviously out there, that it almost hurts to miss it. Big girls are known to dislike their bodies, and skinny girls always feel big, and girls in the healthy-in-betweens seem eternally discontent somewhere in between the sizes. But girl, Size had nothing to do it.
By the time you wait for another year to wear what you want to, you’re going to be 50 and wondering why in the world you took so long to get into those rompers! Just, do it.

Step #Two: Stop Being Safe
No freedom ever looked comfortable in routines, but it tastes best in wild abandon instead! Dare yourself, well no, FORCE yourself to stop picking colors you know exactly how you’re going to feel in (yup, you read right, real fashion freedom has little to do with what you wear, than it does with how you feel in it.) So if you’re the strong in bold colors type, then maybe it’s time you pick up that Turquoise Lace Fit and Flare dress for yourself. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but trust me, you don’t want to end up 50 wondering why you never tried sky blue when you were 25!

Step #Three: ACC.SESS.ORIZE!
I’ve said this once, I’m going to go ahead and say it again, and again and again and. . . Well, you get the drift. When you’re on the path to Fashion Freedom, you’re going to access parts of your personality that are so deep and hidden, that you might have panic attacks that you are turning into someone else; if you ask yourself will you like the someone else you could be turning into, you can’t deny that you do, and you definitely will!
So if you’re not the blingy bracelets kind, then an Angelic Gold watch could be a good place to start with.

Step #Four: Don’t Judge that Make-up too Soon
Oh you definitely know what I’m talking about! Ever looked at someone working a bit of make-up off real well, and told yourself “well THAT’S something I’d never do”? Judge again, because really my dears, a little make-up can turn into an entire day of feeling confident, beautiful, and totally comfortable in your skin!
Sure, real beauty is skin deep, but feeling good, ready, and your beautiful best for a long day, is a great first step to really push out that inner diva waiting to be unlocked. Try it.

Step #Five: Don’t Shoe this one Away
Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, can set you on that path to Fashion Freedom without four pairs or MORE of some absolutely, utterly, and totally gorgeous shoes! No, whoever told you otherwise, was wrong. Slipping into the right kind of shoes, shoes that seem cut for your feet, is the single most fulfilling sense of happiness on planet earth.
Shoes build you up, set your strut, and define your swag in every way.

Step #Six: A Good Bag Can Go a Long Way
Bags can mean different things for different people. It’s typically a combination of utility, style, color and purpose. And a good bag, can go a long way! Don’t rush to the most convenient solution you find; spend some time looking, trying, and gazing at yourself in the mirror, until you find that match made to rest on your shoulder, your wrist or just clasped under your arm.
The right bag choice can add a dash of oomph to your walk like nothing else can, and that’s a promise.

Step #Seven: You’ve got to try the Georgette!
A girl’s got to have her fair share of Georgette’s in the closet, and why not! This soft, yarn will make you feel sorry you never considered it before. Georgette fits like butter on skin guaranteed to make you feel beautiful inside of one. You want this, you need this, you’ve got to try this.
And since you’re quick to learn, you know that it’s not just about the Georgette- open your mind, your body and your closets up for materials you haven’t yet tried, because you know, why not?

Step #Eight: Make a List
Since forgetting some of your many fashion commandments can be a daunting task, not to forget borderline impossible to ignore, making a list of your fashion dares can help you. Write down all the thing you want to try at least once in the next three months, and make sure you tick them off as soon as you buy one. This is going to be an excellent way to keep on your scary, yet liberating path to Fashion Freedom, and better yet, you’ll feel like you’re getting through challenges every time you cross one off!

Step #Nine: Don’t be Afraid to Try
You could be a hipster for a week, or a diva for a day, or even mix those two up if you’re feeling naughty, but you’ve got to be willing to try! When you’re so close to that coveted Fashion Freedom crown, you can’t keep your imagination tied down. Let lose mischief, color, styles, and find occasions to try them all out. Because really, unless you try, you’ll never know (makes sense no?)!

Step #Ten: Build your Personal Brand
If you’re going to follow the steps before this, pretty soon you’re going to be ready to build your own personal brand. It’s like making a signature of your own, but not one that’s seen so often you almost miss it, this signature is going to be power packed with adequate doses of YOU!
Your own personal bran dis going to be real, believable and absolutely free from old patterns and unnecessary pressure, because when you have your own style, you’re one hundred percent fashion free- all in a good way!

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