Take the pressure off trying to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day date to have with your significant other. This list of things to do for couples on Valentine’s Day has some interesting options that go beyond the usual dinner-and-a-movie date ideas. So pick the one you think you and your partner would love the most, or put together a few of them together and create some everlasting memories…

1. Cook each other’s favourite meal

Decided to have an indoors Valentine’s Day? Sit down together and talk about your relationship while you devour your food! Cooking a meal you will both enjoy is a lovely way to spend time together. You can make things more interesting by cooking each other’s favourite meal instead of just one dinner for both of you to share. Even if by the end of the night, you have two dishes that couldn’t be more different, your partner will appreciate the effort you put in.

2. Take a class together

If you and your partner like having more productive dates (even on Valentine’s Day!), then this Valentine’s Day date idea is for you. And learning something new together is a great way to laugh, bond and create new memories. So whether it is a dance class, cooking class, yoga session or anything else you’re both interested in, sign up for it now.

3. Write love letters

Do you love reading classic tales of romance? Then for you, writing love letters is undoubtedly a contender on your things to do for couples on Valentine’s Day. There’s no day better suited to pouring your heart out in a note. Tell your significant other just how special they are to you and how your life would be incomplete without them by writing a heartfelt letter. You could also pair this with a small, thoughtful gift.

4. Recreate your best memories

Whether it is your first date or the day your significant other proposed to you, pick a few of your best memories together and recreate them on this day. Go to the same locations, eat the same food, do the same things and simply reminisce about how time has passed and how far you have come in your relationship.

5. Make playlists for each other

If you both share the love for music, this is something that will be a sure-fire hit. Create a playlist of all your favourite songs and those that remind you of your partner and ask them to do the same. Exchange these playlists on Valentine’s Day. It’ll serve as a pleasant way to remember each other every time you’re driving to work, doing household chores or just lounging in bed.

6. Double date

Although most of us think of Valentine’s Day as a time to spend only with our significant others, a fun thing to do for couples on Valentine’s Day is to go out with your favourite couple. Double the people, double the fun!

7. Watch your favourite rom-coms

This may not seem like the best way to spend the day with your partner but cuddling up on the couch with your favourite drinks and snacks while watching a good movie is still a romantic way to celebrate. You can up the ante a little by choosing a few scenes from the movie that you both enjoy and enacting them!

8. Get away for the weekend

There’s nothing more romantic than getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life to celebrate a quiet weekend with your significant other. Whether your go-to vacation spot is a serene beach or a green hill station, go away for a few days and get some quality time this Valentine’s Day.

9. DIY your gifts together

One of the more unique Valentine’s Day date ideas, you can share that quality time by crafting homemade gifts for each other. You can make things more interesting by turning this activity into a game. Maybe you have to only use things that you can find lying around the house. Or perhaps you have a time limit to complete it. If you want to DIY your gifts, this could be a super fun way to enjoy this day!

10. Have deep conversations

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to get to know your partner better than ever before? Talk about the time you first met, your future together or the many topics you may not have covered to date. There are also many card games curated for couples to get to know more about each other that you can buy online. So grab a drink and some munchies and talk it out this Valentine’s Day!

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