Of course Valentine’s Day is about love but what’s the full formula? Any guesses? It’s romance plus gifts equals love (Romance + Gifts = Love). It means that no matter how grand your plans are you are still going to have to buy him or her that gift to really make your love felt. Unless, like Sheldon Cooper, you have a strict “no gifts” policy and your better-half agrees. For the rest of you, here is a list of drool-worthy gifts to choose from to widen your love’s smile.

  1. The Guess Rose Gold Dazzling Hearts watch

Guess - Heart watch

A classic watch is timeless. If she is one for all things classy, there’s a very slim chance she won’t leap out of that chair.

  1. The OnePlus One Phone


Get him/her this, and you’ve pretty much hit the ball out of the park. While any other phone will be just as great a gift, the effort required to track down an OnePlus invite will score you extra points, we promise.

  1. The L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Collection



If she loves her lipstick, she is going to be over the moon when she gets these. Besides, with a whole range of reds, it’s going to be hard for you to pick a wrong one, so you’re safe, too!

  1. That Leather Biker Jacket

Leather Biker Jacket

Biker or not, the boy in every man craves for one. It screams cool, and we’re sure he wouldn’t mind that

  1. The Body Shop Goodie Bag




Body butter, body sorbet, body Lotion, shower gel, body mist, lip balm, lipstick, et all – it’s totally Alice in Wonderland. How can that not get her excited? Be ready for the shriek – that should be enough music for your ears, we think. No?

  1. The Arrow Blue & Brown Polka Dot Shirt


This cheeky polka dotted shirt is sure to sneak its way to being a wardrobe favourite. And you thought polkas were only a woman’s thing?

  1. Lingerie, Lingerie!

Floral Lingerie - Enamor

There’s nothing more intimate. Lacy decadent lingerie is as great a gift for her as it is for you. This Valentine’s Day just got hotter. Enough said!

  1. The Fifa 2015 for PS3/4


Got a gamer on your hands, this is it. If he hasn’t got it, we assure you he wants it. You just scored! (Pun totally intended.)

  1. Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo for men



It’s Pied Piper in a bottle. A fragrance that tingles the olfactory cells and how. He’ll love it and so will you.

  1. These Paprika Heels

Paprika Heels

They are classy, sexy and versatile. If she isn’t already head over heels, she will be.

  1. The Tommy Blue Dial Steel Strap Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Watch

It’s not just another watch. The blue dial adds enough personality to set it apart. We dig it, and chances are he will, too. If your man is a tech-freak, though, we suggest you skip the norm and go straight for a smartwatch.

  1. KINDLE your romance


You landed a bookworm? Get her/him the Kindle. Period.

  1. Gorgeous Metallic Bag from Paprika


You just can’t go wrong with this bag. It’s in (now you know a new runway trend 😉 ) and goes with almost all ensembles. She can pack her whole world with the space available in this bag.

  1. Yes, a pair of Loafers for him!

Blue Loafers

If your guy likes to dress well, then this is what you should gift him. Fabulous loafers that goes with chinos and denims.

You’re now armed with the V-Day life hack. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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