The biggest shopping day of the year is here!!!! We can’t wait for 29th, but are you all ready for the sale? Here’s a checklist…

Black Friday Sale Circlmag-lifestyle stores

The Plan.

Keep a perfected plan ready before you start shopping. This includes your wishlists (one NEED list and one WANT list), the stores and sites you’ll visit, starting with your most important buys and an organized time-plan of how much time you’ll spend shopping at which spot!

The Rulebook.

Maintain a do’s and don’ts list. Tick the correct boxes like, shop at a store like Lifestyle to pick up everything you want under one roof, or check the number of impulse buys you try to make!

The Budget.

Keep your budget right in front of your eyes and DO NOT exceed. First subtract all your NEED buys off your budget bucket and then move on to the WANTS.

The Offers.

Check all the offers online or go to the store a couple of days before to see what offers you can avail. Keep an eye on the social media of the brands you love and update yourself on all bank/credit card offers you may use!

The Research.

Always research on what you want to buy on Black Friday, as you may not get much time to make decisions on the sale day itself. Also, research about return policies, awards and rewards, discount gift cards etc.

The Time.

Start early. Take the day off for shopping if you must, and run straight to stores. Trust us when we say, the first to reach deserves it all!

Psst… Our favorite destination is going to be Lifestyle Stores with Flat 50 % OFF from 29 Nov to Dec 1.

Happy Shopping, you guys!

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