With Cricket’s biggest showdown unfolding, we welcome back some all time hotties and a brand new crop of gorgeous men who are not only serious eye candy but also set our hearts racing!

This season, while the cricket pundits are busy drawing up charts of their favourite teams and players, we have decided to make our very own list. Following hours of contemplation, in depth research and heated debates we narrowed down on our top 11.

The one thing these men have in common? They make us swoon with their charm.

Here’s our team of hotties … in no particular order.

  1. Virat Kohli

With devilishly good looks, wicked tattoos, impeccable style and now actress Anushka Sharma at his side, Virat Kohli seals his place in every list. Vice-captain of the Indian cricket team, this young lad scores with the ladies at the same pace as his runs. An adorable cheeky grin to go with a fiery attitude reminds us just exactly why we love the bad boys.

  1. Ahmed Shahzad

Referred to as Virat Kohli’s doppelganger, this Pakistani heartthrob can definitely hold his own. Quickly rising the ranks to establish himself in a team which suddenly finds itself bereft of its usual hotness (remember Imran Khan, Wasim Akram?), the 23-year-old top order batsmen gives the ladies something to cheer about, both on the field and off the field (psst… he is very active on Twitter).

  1. Dale Steyn

The South-African pacer known for his express speed storms his way into many a girls’ hearts. Dangerous on the field to his opponents, Dale Steyn is quite the opposite off field. Know to be a wildlife lover, Dale used his vacation before the World Cup to spend quality time with a lioness. That’s one lucky girl!

  1. Brendon McCullum

Kiwi batsman Brendon McCullum with his grey eyes and chiselled jaw line is the perfect gentleman till he walks out to the pitch. Destructive with the bat, ‘Bazz’ has a habit of flaying his opposition within minutes and is one of the best fielders in the international circuit.

  1. Michael Clarke

The Aussie captain Michael Clarke, also fondly called ‘Pup’, is known for his blonde good looks that gets him more than a fair share of female fan following. Best known off the field for his tempestuous relationship and break up with model Lara Bingle, this cricketer is now happily married to Kyly, who is , you guessed it right… a model!

  1. Shane Watson

Gracing the list is another blonde Aussie hottie, Shane Watson. The all-rounder, regularly poses shirtless for ‘Australia’s Men Of Cricket’ Calendar in support of the McGrath Foundation. Blessed with great looks to match his amazing game skills and a penchant for charity… what’s not to love?

  1. Faf du Plessis

South African Faf du Plessis with his broad shoulders, husky voice and smouldering eyes is stuff that dreams are made of. Don’t miss out on the sexy tattoo imprinted on his arm that is visible every time he plays a crackling shot down the pitch.

  1. James Anderson

England fast bowler James Anderson is known as much for his model-like good looks and changing hairstyles as much as his cricket. A man of varied interests, he recently ventured into fashion design and launched his own menswear brand earlier last year.

  1. Chris Gayle

West Indies hard-hitting opener Chris Gayle is known for living life in the fast lane with parties, women, wine and the works. Choosing to ignore stern frowns from several quarters, the superstar has begun preparations for the World Cup by going on an exploration spree in Sydney.

  1. Shikhar Dhawan

This Indian opener with his twirling moustache and leather jackets is as much a style icon as he is a hard hitting batsman. What comes as a surprise though is that beneath his rugged exterior, is a soft spoken family man.

  1. Shahid Afridi

Devastating with the bat (when he strikes), the cricket ball and his good looks, Shahid Afridi’s fan base extends across continents. After having ruled the hearts of millions for 18 years, ‘Boom Boom’ has finally decided to call it a day later this year from international cricket. Do we hear hearts shattering? Worry not, for he will still be playing T20’s.


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