Guys, we know you are married to your favourite back-pack and you probably don’t want to hear this but you need more than one bag.

Just hear us out.

We aren’t saying there has to be a bag for every outfit, but investing in a few good bags is totally worth it. Otherwise you run the risk of carrying around an oddly proportioned bag which might just be killing your swag. Ah! Who wants that?

Check out the few bags worth buying to fit into every possible scenario in your daily life:

1. The classic travel that doubles up as a gym bag

A multi-purpose bag just seems like it could solve the world’s problem. Probably not, but it could solve your problems. A bag with ample space for your gym gear which doubles up us a short vacation bag is an essential. Go for a bag that is lightweight and is built of strong fabric to survive daily roughing up. When it comes to colours, skip the black and choose navy with faux leather trimmings.

2. The last-minute bag

Impromptu weekend getaways and day trips are fun, fickle, and driven by impulsive decisions. And we have the perfect bag in mind! It is tan brown, minimalistic in design, and compact looking yet roomy enough for your stuff.

The best thing about a well-designed and stylish back pack like this, is that when you’re not using it for your getaways you could quite easily carry it to work. We would actually go as for to say that it would make a great bag to go with your office-wear. How is that for value?

Get ready to have a new favourite back-pack!

3. The stress-free bag

A bag which looks stylish and is practical in terms of usage is a must-have. In comes the messenger bag, which is ideal for storing your laptop, pens, a notebook, your wallet, keys, and other knick-knacks.

This is a probably a trendier successor to the good old briefcase and will make you wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. (You’re welcome!). What’s more is that the simple design is made better with leather detailing’s giving the bag a manly-man feel.

We have you convinced don’t we? Knew it!
(Pat on the back)

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