Absolutely nothing says vintage glam like the winged liner. The wings, which had their origin in the days of Cleopatra, entered the realm of Hollywood in the 1950s and haven’t left since. Donned by the likes of Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and closer home, Sharmila Tagore, the winged liner has moved with times and held its own for decades, and is still going steady, rocking the runways and how! We give you 3 fresh ways to don this classic this season.

The Double Winged Liner:

If one wing is great, two is even better! Work the double winged eyeliner and grab eyeballs.
How to: Start a little ahead of the inner corners of your eyes, move smoothly along the upper eyelid with the proverbial “swoosh”, and finally extend it in a sharp flick from the outer corner of the eye, almost creating a silhouette of a bird’s beak, head and neck. Then, move over to just below the lower lash line. Start a little ahead of lash line at the inner corner of the eye, extend though the length of the lower eyelid, and end a tad after the outer corner of the eye.

Bold & Beautiful:

Move aside dainty, it’s time for bold.

How to: Start at the inner corner of the eye, run along the upper eyelid and extend the liner from the outer corner of the eye. Draw an identical line at the top of the upper eyelid, and join the corners of the extended lines, forming a triangle. Fill it in with dark kohl, and voila!

Go Graphic:

This is for the brave-hearted only. The drama is all up in the eye. Warning: If you are not a liner expert, don’t try this at home. ☺
How to: Start a little short of mid-way of the lower eyelid and stretch the line inward toward the inner corner of the eye, curving it a little toward the bridge of the nose. Now do the upper line, start at the inner corner move outward along the upper eyelid (like the usual wing) and extend the flick almost up to the outer end of your eyebrow. Dramatize the flick by filling in ample kohl to make it strikingly prominent, and finally join the upper line and lower line just below the lower inner corner of the eye. Yes, you’ve got all eyes on you! If you are brave but not that brave do the liner wither the lower line, it’ll still be as effective, we promise!

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