You know those tiny fuzz balls your sweaters begin to show in time? Those scrappy bits of yarn that make you want to bury the sweater in the back of your closet so you never have to wear something like that. Well, that’s the fabric’s way of indicating its wear and tear. And unfortunately it can happen to any fabric, be it cotton, wool, flannel, or even something synthetic.

These fuzz balls which appear on your winter-wear are also referred to as pilling and it occurs when groups of fibres break, tangle, and mat together, making the texture of the garment appear rough and devastatingly unfashionable. And the day you decide to don one of these fuzzy buddies is the day you just happen to meet all your beloved frenemies. Good luck living this incident down. *shudder*

Before you go ahead and cast away your dishevelled sweaters as wardrobe orphans, don’t hate on them, resurrect them instead, and give them a new lease on life. As dramatic as that sounds, get ready to become the saviour queen of all fuzzy woollens with these 3 simple hacks.

1. A very fine tooth comb

Place the sweater on a flat surface and begin to comb out the fuzz balls by moving the comb flat against the surface. This method will work very well for your light-weight knits and sweaters.

2. Sharp disposable razor

Place the sweater on a flat surface and gently swipe the blade in the direction of the knit rows.

Ensure that your blade is sharp and preferably new so that there is no moisture locked in it from previous use. This method will work like a charm for your light-weight and medium-weight knits and sweaters.

3. The textured face of a sponge

Place the sweater on a flat surface and lightly run the sponge in straight lines along the fabric. Be cautious and make sure your hand is light on the fabric so that the sweater itself doesn’t get pulled up. And if you encounter some particularly stubborn pilling, snip it off with a pair of scissors instead of tugging on it with the sponge. This method will work especially well on your heavy-weight sweaters.

We think it’s time to dust out all those old blankets, bags, shirts, denims, and other item which have fuzz balls in need of grooming. Hey, you’re probably not doing anything now anyway, and no, watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory doesn’t count.

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