Don’t you hate it when you’ve had a long day at work and your friends make impromptu plans to meet? And there you are looking all worn out and ready to give the outing a skip? Yet, at the same time you don’t want to miss out on all the gossip and juicy details of a friend’s hot new boyfriend?

Hold that thought. Take a deep breath.

It’s a sin not to carry your essential mix of beauty products with you at all times. Yes, even during a possible apocalypse! Having said that, there is no need to carry an entire arsenal of products, just the essentials. If you don’t already have a list of go-to makeup products, then you are in luck because we love creating lists about everything, we are obsessed like that and should probably seek help.

5 products to take anyone from a subdued day at work kind of look to a born-to-lounge glam diva by night.

  1. Eyeliner

Unless you’re a 13 year old maybe don’t double up your kohl pencil as an eyeliner.

It looks childish, shabby, and waxy. Pick up a liquid liner and nail the art of applying it.

In the day, skip the kohl and just stroke on eyeliner on your upper lid, it’s all you need. But come night, draw on some kohl on your lower lid and add a fresh coat of eyeliner on your upper lid to make your eyes pop.

L’oreal’s  Superliner Eyeliner is a great product for long stay. It also has a super easy to use eyeliner brush.

  1. Eye-Shadow

Two single eye-shadow cakes in bronze and silver, for the sole purpose of your make-up bag are what every girl needs. In the day, add a touch of white-silver or light-gold to your eyelid, and before you head out at night, generously apply another layer before you refresh your eyeliner.

Revlon has a range of eye shadow palettes in different combinations of shades which you should get your hands on. We know we love them.

  1. Blush

Most women either don’t use blush because they don’t like it, or they have no idea how to wear it. More often than not it is the latter. For the purpose of going from day to night with ease, pick up the smallest blush in a shade that complements your skin tone. Sweep on just a little on your cheeks to make your face light up with good health and radiant energy. Hey, you gotta fake it at times!

Maybelline makes a legendary mousse blush that is great for Indian skin tones, do check it out!

  1. Lipstick

Even if you don’t care about any of the above products, pin all your faith on the right lipstick. It is quickest, and most effective way to transition from a day look to a night out. Keep handy shades like coral, plum, ruby red, and pink. When you are tight on time, dab on just the right amount of eyeliner, with a bold lipstick, a sweep of mascara, and you are good to go.

The Body Shop is a great option if you are into natural, cruelty-free cosmetics.

  1. Body Mist

This is probably the most important of them all. Not only will it make you feel fresh and bouncy, the burden of your long day will seem evaporate into thin air, with just a dab of your favourite perfume.

T Body Shop has some body mists to die for, grab yours now. We have stocked up on ours.

So next time you are invited to last minute plans, put on your game face, and make them wonder,

‘How does she do it?’

*wink wink*

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