Do you hear what I hear, see what I see, and smell what I smell? The sound of rustling wrapping papers, the streets and malls decked up with Christmas trees and light, the bakeries smelling of fresh-baked gingerbread men and plum cakes mean that Christmas is here! Work is finally getting wrapped up for you, your Christmas shopping is done (we hope), and now it’s time to plan for the big Christmas day itself! Here’s how you can set the mood for Christmas and have an exciting holiday without having to make too much of an effort!

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Christmas colors for the win

Now, we all know looking good makes us feel good. And what can make you jollier than wearing the happy Christmas colors during this holiday season? Get going shopping, or wrack your winter wardrobes to put together outfits in the festive hues of red/green/white/gold to look like a Christmas dream! You can go for sweaters, stockings, boots, woolen caps, an infinity scarf and other trendy winter fashion for that perfect Christmas #OOTD!

Home pretty home

Christmas is the time when you have every opportunity to turn your home into a Santa’s North-Pole abode. Deck up your house with all sorts of Christmas-y décor – from wreaths and ornaments to tinsels, mistletoes and of course, the Christmas tree. Put up garlands of twinkling fairy lights across the halls and deck up the doors with pretty green and red wreaths. This season, nobody is going to judge you if spend a fortune on baubles and decorations. Coz, its Christmas after all!

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X-mas make-up on point

Now, what’s Christmas without some parties and what’s partying without some glamorous makeup? This holiday season; get your make-up game strong with some cool Christmas make-up tutorials that you’ll easily find online. Be it glittery eyes or dark lips or rosy winter-flushed cheeks, these looks can take your Christmas outfits from drab to fab in an instant! So, get out those shimmery eye-shadow palettes, red lipsticks and green eyeliner, and slay those party looks in style!

Baking up a storm

It doesn’t feel like Christmas unless we can sniff the smell of gingerbread in the air right? All of us love to end the year on a sweet note, with Christmas pudding and rich plum cakes. So, start with your baking trial sessions and experiment with a pinch of this and a drop of that to find the perfect recipes for your Christmas lunch. Nothing can get you in a more festive mood than whipping up delicacies for it. So, get, set and bake up a sweet storm this holiday season!

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Gifts of love

Christmas is officially the season of giving. When you go for Christmas shopping, make sure to pick up gifts for your loved ones. Put some thoughts into each as you wrap them up in pretty wrapping papers and include sweet handwritten messages too! If you are confused about choosing that perfect gift, then go for the easy & effortless Lifestyle Gift Cards that can let your loved ones buy anything of their choice. Apart from gifting your friends & family, you can also share some love and donate money, clothes or food at a nearby orphanage or oldage home to bring on some real Christmas cheer!

So, theses were some of the cute, little ways in which you can get into the spirit of Christmas. Bring on the Yuletide cheer and jingle bell your way through the holiday season! Merry Christmas to all!!


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