The frequent earthquakes, the erratic climate changes and the rising temperatures everywhere is proof that things are not quite all right with Mother Earth. As citizens of this world, it’s our duty to contribute in our own ways to the betterment of the planet that we call home. Because, let’s face it, Earth needs saving and each one of us has to do our bit in order to make an impact. So, on this Earth Day, let’s pledge to follow these simple and easy ways in our daily life that can help save the planet.

 conserve save water

Conserve water

Water is life and by wasting it, you waste away the life of our planet. If each of us make sure you don’t waste any water in your daily life, then it’ll make a huge difference to the overall water conservation around the world. Check & fix water leaks regularly, don’t wash dishes or clothes under continuous running water, use the washing machine or dishwasher for a full-load only and reuse the residual water from the water purifier for washing or cleaning.

save energy electricity

Save energy

A huge quantity of Earth’s resources is used daily to generate electricity. So, whatever electricity you save is a step towards conserving some of those resources. Get into a habit of turning off extra lights, fans or any other electrical devices that are not being used. Remember, for every bit of energy that you save, lights can be lit at some more houses somewhere in the world.

plant trees save earth

Plant trees

With the progress of technology and mankind, we are getting rid of more and more trees to make space for the increasing population. But we don’t realise that less trees also mean less oxygen. So, it’s of utmost importance that you plant trees whenever and wherever possible. Get together a group of people – friends, family, neighbours, kids – and hold tree-planting drives once in a while. Find out areas that are empty and can be used for the purpose of simply sow the seeds wherever you see a fertile patch of soil.

less chemicals

Use less chemicals

Knowingly or unknowingly, you use a lot of chemicals in our daily life. From detergents & cleaners to shampoos & room fresheners; the harsh chemicals used in these daily commodities do the Earth’s environment irreversible harm. Try to find pout home remedies and DIY hacks to substitute these products or use natural & organic goods in order to protect both yourself and your planet.

reuse recycle save earth

Reuse & recycle

Most of the times, your trash contains unsustainable and non-degradable materials that harm the natural environment of the Earth in more ways than one. One of the best ways to help heal our planet is to use bio-degradable materials or those that can be recycled. Use glass containers instead of plastic ones, cloth or paper bags instead of polythene ones, try to get as much use out a product as possible instead of buying new ones frequently, use paper wisely without wasting and recycle whatever you can.

By following these simple things in daily life, you can make a huge difference to the critical condition of the ailing Earth. Also, don’t only practise, but preach as well. Spreading awareness about how to help save our planet is another big step towards saving the Earth – let’s all do our bit towards a better tomorrow!




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