The latest in skincare trends, face yoga can firm up and tone your facial skin with the help of some stylish accessories. The use of semi-precious stones and crystals for skincare dates as far back as 7th century in China and even in ancient India. Simple movements with these tools will leave your skin feeling more relaxed, drain lymphatic toxins leading to a release in tension and increase in blood flow for beautiful skin.

Check out these 5 face yoga tools that will be a gamechanger in your skincare routine:

1. Spot roller


HOUSE OF BEAUTY Rose Quartz Roller

House of Beauty’s spot rollers come in a box set complete with a spot roller made with blue spot Jasper or rose Quartz, an essential oil mix, a facial cleanser and a dropper. To get the best results from the spot roller, start by cleaning your face with the cleanser then applying a drop of the essential oil mix. Now that your face is moisturized and smooth, use the roller to gently massage your face to rid it off excess toxins that build up in the lymph nodes. Pro tip: make sure to clean the roller each time you use it.

2. Derma roller

HOUSE OF BEAUTY Derma Roller - 0.25 mm

Get all the benefits of dermarolling with House of Beauty’s 0.25mm Derma Roller. As you massage your skin with the derma roller, the 0.25mm needles pierce your skin to allow the serum you apply beforehand to sink in deeper and get absorbed better, allowing the product to really work its magic. Although it is a slow process, over a period of time, dermarolling will transform your skin by boosting collagen levels, clearing acne scars and plumping up your skin.

3. Gau Sha beauty tool

HOUSE OF BEAUTY Jade Gausha Beauty Tool

With ‘Gau’ meaning scrape and ‘Sha’ meaning sand, the treatment around using Gau Sha stones is by scraping a semi-precious stone like jade or quartz against your skin in upward strokes. By applying pressure on your skin, the stone promotes muscle pain and stiffness relief and drains tissues of the toxins that build up. House of Beauty’s Gau Sha stones are made with jade and come along with a cleanser, essential oil mix and dropper.

4. Face lifting cup

HOUSE OF BEAUTY Face Lifting Cup Set

Known to increase blood circulation and stimulate the skin’s collagen production to get rid of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, House of Beauty’s face lifting cups are the next big thing in facial skincare.

5. Cryo-facial tool

HOUSE OF BEAUTY Women Ice Globe Pink Cryo Facial

Cryotherapy that subjects your body to sub-zero temperatures has a multitude of benefits including pain relief and muscle recovery. It also causes fresh blood to rush to that area of your body, giving it more nutrients which in turn, flushes toxins. House of Beauty’s Ice Globe Cryo Facial tool contains gel ice that can be frozen and used to heal and renew your skin.

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