Ready to turn up the heat this festive season and be the centre of attention? It’s easier than you may think. A few well-placed accessories can make all the difference to your ethnic wear. From a colourful dupatta to shiny footwear, these 5 must have festive fashion accessories will amp up your ethnic wear so you can slay at every event…

1. Add colour with dupattas

There’s endless variety in dupatta styles, making them one of the best festive accessories for this season. The liveliness and vibrancy they add to ethnic wear outfits are unmatched, and they work just as well as other accessories do. You can choose from various designs – embroidered, printed, sequinned, zari work, etc., all on luxurious fabrics that will add style to every look. Pro tip: You don’t have to only wear your dupatta in the traditional way, with each side over one shoulder. Try different draping styles the way you would with a stole.

2. Carry style with handbags

Handbags are another essential accessory that can make or break an outfit. An easy way to get pairing them with your ethnic wear right is to match a metallic – gold or silver – handbag with your garment’s foil prints or sequins. You can’t go wrong with that! And like dupattas, there is a huge variety of handbags to pick from and different ways to carry them. Find styles that suit your personality to carry it off with confidence!

3. Add glitter to your footwear

Shoes are an iconic part of outfits and are must-haves as festive accessories for girls and guys too! Juttis and sliders are more casual shoe styles, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. They come adorned with embroidery, glitter and sequins too. Heels can be worn to more formal events, and you have the benefit of them making you appear taller and look more graceful.

4. Go heavy with jewellery

Although unsaid, ethnic wear and heavy jewellery go hand-in-hand. And heavy doesn’t have to mean layers of gold and diamonds. Pretty earrings like chandbalis and jhumkas add so much interest to ethnic looks, as do nose rings, necklaces and bracelets. You could also try an ensemble with one striking jewellery piece made with a statement choker necklace or cuff earrings.

5. Pair a watch

Watches have been a classic accessory for all outfits, not just ethnic wear, which makes them a great fashion piece for festive accessories 2022. Watches can symbolize class and style if you pick the right designs. With ethnic wear, you can opt for minimal watch faces like analog watches with metal mesh straps. For a more opulent look, watches studded with stones can lend a polished appearance.

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