!e have entered yet another year and by now, almost 80% of the world population has already broken their New Year resolutions. And 80% of those resolutions were related to fitness. Heading to gym every day or following a strict diet to become fit isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a whole load of motivation and fitness instagrammers in the country can give you enough of that. You just need to know the correct handles to follow and turn on the notifications feature so that each day of your life is filled with all the fitness inspiration that you need!


Image source: www.instagram.com/yasminkarachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala

Along with being the country’s leading Pilates instructor, this inspiring woman is also famous for having a motivating and fitness-oriented Instagram presence. She has her handle filled with instructional videos to diet tips to her fun and effective training sessions with Bollywood stars. And the best part of it all is that her regimes consist of mostly workouts or exercises that you can simply do at home. Just suit up in your trendy Sports tee & tights from Kappa’s stylish collection and follow Yasmin on the road to fitness!


Image source: www.instagram.com/ninja.dev

Devrath Vijay

This man is the co-founder of ‘The Outfit’ which is one of Bangalore’s most reputed training centres and one of the coolest fitness enthusiasts you can follow on social media. Starting from stretching tips to animal flow sessions, he covers a huge range of useful topics and believes that learning to control your body is the key to success. Guys, get those gym shorts and sweatshirts on, and follow Devrath on the path to a fitter 2019!


Image source: www.instagram.com/missshivangibhatnagar

Shivangi Bhatnagar

What started out as a low-key page to track her own progress, Shivangi Bhatnagar’s Instagram handle, @missshivangibhatnagar has grown to be a huge source of daily fitness inspo and motivation! She posts videos of working out at home, meal prep tips, and healthy meal recipes, specially designed for the Indian kitchen. The fashionable Kappa active-wear tank tops & shorts are just what you need to undergo a fitness transformation just like Shivangi.


Image source: www.instagram.com/prashantsixpack

Prashant Sawant

Prashant is the owner of one of Mumbai’s premier workout training centres and also a personal trainer to most of Bollywood’s biggest names such as Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bacchan. His Instagram handle boasts of all types of fitness videos, tips, and motivating content. Sport trendy tees & joggers from Kappa and indulge in some active workout routines inspired by Prashant. Sometimes, you can get lucky enough to see your favorite star doing the push-ups, so don’t hold that follow button on this legit fitness authority.


Image source: www.instagram.com/sweatyswetha

Swetha Devraj  

Popularly known for her fun Instagram handle, @SweatySwetha, this Crossfit trainer is also a practising doctor. From vigorous workouts to stretches to runner tips to meal prep advice and vegan diet tips, this page has it all. It’s informative, fun, enjoyable and super impressive. Just slip into comfy but trendy track suits and workout your way to a fitter lifestyle!

So, from Pilates instructors to doctors, India’s popular fitness instagrammers are as accomplished as they are fit & fab. They will give you all the fitness inspiration you need and more than deserve a place in your ‘following’ list. Just stock up on your active-wear wardrobe with smart styles from Kappa’s new collection, available at the Lifestyle Sale at amazing discounts, and enjoy a fitter & healthier year!


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