Though most of us are too lazy to go for a workout, none of us can actually ignore the fact that hitting the gym can be quite helpful in keeping ourselves healthy in this junk food operated generation. Gymming makes you think about hard work, pushing yourselves and obviously tons of sweat. Sounds quite boring, doesn’t it? But, with these super stylish gym outfits, you’ll look forward to working out every day!

Gym outfits

Show off your style moves

One of the most basic yet uber-stylish workout outfits includes a high waist yoga pant with a sporty crop top. You can either go for a pop of quirk with neon colours like neon green, yellow, pink, orange etc or balance them out with safer shades like black, grey or navy. Comfortable shoes are a must for workout sessions and what could be more comfy than a pair of cool sneakers -neon ones score you additional style points. The key to wearing neon pant/crop top with neon sneakers without it looking OTT is to balance out the bright pieces with solid coloured items.

Gym tee workout men

Cool shorts for long workouts

Guys can go for shorts and the ubiquitous t-shirt. Though most guys might prefer ultra-light mesh shorts, rugged nylon ones with multiple pockets also make the cut. You can pick cotton tees that let your body breathe or go for the techno-fashion ones that absorb sweat. Guys can also choose from a wide range of workout accessories like a sleek black Fitbit to keep track of their workout or a pair of woven technical basketball shoes that are light and also provide superior support in lifting weights and riding the exercise bike.

gym leggings workout woman

Legging it to the gym

Pairing up leggings with a tank top or an oversized or printed sweatshirt is yet another classic combo while hitting the gym. V- neck tees in sheer, breathable fabrics are also a great pick. Go for loose tops that will not only give you comfort but also provide you extra room to sweat it out on that treadmill. And the bonus prize is that you can easily ditch the leggings and shoes for a pair of denims and flats to effortlessly go from gym to brunch with friends!

gym trackpants workout man

Sweat it out

Another outfit for the guys to work out in is the combo of a hoodie and comfy track pants. The hoodie can either be a pullover or a front open zip-up one. Pair your zip-up hoodie with a sleeveless t-shirt underneath and keep it open for a casual cool vibe. Layering will just take you a notch higher on the fashion scale. You can go for sweat-absorbant fabrics to keep you cool throughout a rigorous gym session. Accessories like earphones are very crucial for hitting the gyms as they not only provide you with motivation through your favourite songs but also give you privacy when you need it.

gym tee workout woman

Fashion for fitness

Bright basketball shorts paired with sleeveless t-shirts or loose fitting crop tops look effortlessly chic and not like you are trying too hard to nail that perfect gym ensemble. You can also go for the jacket on shorts look and rock the neon hues. Complete the look with a light comfy pair of sneakers or sport shoes. Add a baseball cap for that sporty yet funky touch – it will not only help to keep the flyaway hairs out of your face during the workout but also totally cover up the post workout messy hair in case you are going somewhere afterwards!

For all the girls and guys out there who used to think workout is boring to look at and used to fear being spotted in their disastrous gym outfits, take our cues and hit the gym in style! It’s no more worries of a fashion faux pas at gym and you are all set to achieve your fitness goals, while looking good at it!






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