Jeans are wardrobe staples for both men and women all over the world, but wearing them on a daily basis may make one feel like he has entered a style rut, specially for boys how take their denims everywhere – from college to movie dates to dinners to parties! Actually, you can totally go beyond your regular blue or black denims to rediscover the joy of wearing your ever favorite bottom wear. There are different styles, textures and fits of denims that are ruling the style world today and have evolved into must-haves for men who like to rule the denim looks like a pro.

mens straight fit denims

Straight-fit shenanigans

Also known by the names regular-fit, relaxed fit or comfort-fit, these types of jeans do just as they say, i.e. they go straight down the legs. These are best suited for those who have an athletic or a bigger build, but can be worn by all. These are timeless pieces of denims which you can pair up with a classic white V-neck t-shirt layered with a denim jacket for a long day at college. Chinese collared fitted semi-formal shirts also look good with these, and paired with classic cut brogues, this look will take you places!

Skinny-fit scores

Skinny jeans are the ones that remain tight from hip down, tapering towards the bottom, and are most suited to men of a slimmer frame. They are a contemporary staple and looks best with a mono coloured crew neck t-shirt, a leather jacket and high tops for a rocker-stud look. Stick to an all-black ensemble for this and you are all set for a Saturday night out on town! You can also go for the smart casual look by pairing blue skinny fit jeans with a white checked shirt and loafers for a lunch date with your girl!

mens acid wash denims

Acid-wash absolutes

Acid washes are generally of two types  – either the uniformly, subtle, shaded ones or the ones with a heavier, bleached wash. Mostly, you should pair up single coloured pieces with acid wash denims to make them the focal point of the outfit. You can sport light blue acid wash denims with a polo t-shirt and sneakers for a smart casual day look. For a dressier look, you can go for a deep blue acid wash pair, a white or grey dress shirt and a pair of brogues. Tuck in the shirt, accessorize with a leather belt & flaunt a chunky watch to get appraising stares wherever you go!

Do the distressed

Distressed or ripped jeans are the best examples of dressed down casual wear this season and gives an undeniable edge to your everyday look. Pair it with a casual graphic t-shirt and boots for an uber-cool road-trip-ready vibe. Also, dressing up the ripped jeans is effortlessly easy if you just wear a crisp oxford shirt on top and a smart pair of suede boat shoes on the feet. You can even slip on a tailored blazer to take this look to a cocktail party and turn heads with your statement style! Just keep the level of ripping or distressing on your denims in lieu with the occasion you are sporting it to, and you are good to go!

mens denim joggers

Just joggers

The fashion authorities have wed two of your favorite bottoms – the denim  & the jogger – and their amalgamation has resulted in the denim joggers that are absolute wardrobe essentials right now. These denims are the ideal pick for a stylish, yet comfortable look, and can be your go-to pairs for a fashionable summer ahead! Wear a pair of denim joggers with a comfy tee & slip-on shoes for a sassy yet smart travel look. Be it in any shade of blue or black, these denims are here to stay and make your life more dapper with their cool style!

Not having these kinds of denims in your closet is literally sinful, so it’s high time you update your wardrobe with these absolute essentials and take your denim game to a higher level in true blue style!





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