With every new, exciting make-up product that makes its way into your vanity case, you need to also think of how to take care of your skin that bears the brunt of your make-up experimentation’s. Skincare products are as much important part of your kit as are your lipsticks and bronzers. This season, head to your nearest Lifestyle store to take your pick from a vast range of newly-launched skincare products from some of the top brands around the world! Make sure you don’t miss out of these five skincare essentials that you need to make sure you are always flaunting naturally healthy & glowing skin!

lizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser skincare Lifestyle

Cool cleansers

A good cleanser is indispensible as at the end of each day, you must cleanse your face of all the make-up, dirt & pollution it has to endure. Invest in a good cleanser that not only removes surface dead cells, oil & dirt; but also moisturizes & rejuvenates the skin. The Kaya brightening Beads Cleanser or the Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser are great picks for effectively cleanses, detoxifies and purifies your skin, helping it breathe freely after a long, stressful day of work.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash skincare Lifestyle

Refreshing face wash

A face wash is a necessary essential in your kit as it can give your skin refreshing rejuvenation any time of the day! Go for a daily-use facial wash that removes oil & dirt without making your skin dry. You can even carry your face-wash around – for those days when you need to catch up with a friend after work or need to freshen up for an after-office party! The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash is a great choice for oily & combination skin types and can make for a beauty must-have for your skin!

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum skincare Lifestyle

Brightening serums

Not a part of the typical beauty routines, brightening serums are gradually becoming essentials for today’s skincare-conscious women. A good brightening serum lightens dark spots and reduces pigmentation, leaving you with fresh, lighter skin when used regularly. Opt for a lightweight serum, like the Kaya Brightening Serum or The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum, which works on your pimples, dark spot & pigmentation and gives you smoother & glowing skin.

Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream skincare Lifestyle

Delightful day creams

For complete protection of your skin throughout the day – all year round – you need something more than just a sunscreen. A day cream is ideal for keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays, as well as from dust, pollution and external ageing factors. Pick a day cream that moisturizes, smoothens your skin and keeps it fresh & hydrated throughout the long day! The Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream or the Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream are good options to try out.

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence skincare Lifestyle

Anti-ageing serums

In this day & age of stressful living, pollution and extreme weather conditions, you are ageing faster than you would like to believe. Hence, anti-ageing creams are of utmost importance to help you retain your youthful glow! These skincare serums – like the Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence or the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum – make your skin firmer, smoother & healthier. Give your skin the goodness of these globally-loved beauty essentials and look younger than your years!

Thanks to Lifestyle, a plethora of renowned skincare brands are available to you now! So, take your pick of products suited to your skin type and show your skin some love this season with these must-have skincare essentials!

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