Your fashion sensibility depends on your personality, style and aesthetics. But have you ever thought that your fashion choices might be influenced by your zodiac sign? Here are some of the must-have essentials every Capricorn needs in his or her wardrobe to make sure they are at their fashionable best at all times. This new year, though we don’t know what the stars have in store for you – at work or in love – but we definitely forecast a very stylish year ahead!


A Tailored Suit

Capricorn men are of the idea, that being presentable and fashionable is a must if you want to climb up the ladder of success. You spend a lot of money on brands and a lot of time finding that perfect suit. For you, it’s all about comfort. You need suits which are tailored to perfection, fit you like a glove, made of the best quality, and of course, most importantly, wrinkle-free. So, pick that perfect suit at the Lifestyle Sale this season and add this essential to your closet at half the price!


A Cool Cardigan

A Capri girl loves to layer and cardigans are her go-to choice for the season. You are true to your roots and traditions, and yet love to put a new twist on it. One of your ever favorite is a classy cardigan that you can wear for years to come. You can pair up a timeless cardigan with a camisole, flared bell bottoms, heels & a scarf. Add a nice cardi to your closet from the Lifestyle Sale – a pearl-embellished or embroidered one can be quite a keeper!


A Trendy Turtleneck

A Capricorn guy is all about loving his staples and basics. You like practical pieces rather than fancy items. You like to live by the rules, not just in life, but also in your fashion choices. That’s why turtlenecks are one of your favorite winterwear pieces. You love earthy hues like browns and greens, and though you sport a conservative sense of style; it’s in no way boring or mundane. So, this time pick a classic turtleneck and layer it with a blazer, chinos & derbies to make a stylish fashion statement wherever you go!


A Black or Brown Pump/Oxford

Capricorn men or women are all about being their confident, disciplined, bold selves. A classic pair of black or tan pumps will do all the justice to focused, determined, and stylish Capri women while you are out there conquering the world. As for Capri men, a pair of smart black or brown oxfords is all you guys need to complete the suave suited look. Buy these shoes at amazing discounts at the Lifestyle Sale and put your best foot forward this year.

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Make-up Magic

Make-up is an important part of a Capricorn’s life. Capricorn women love a good brow pencil as nothing yells boss lady better than perfectly shaped brows. This Earth sign loves to go for earthy-toned eye-shadow on the eyelids such as hues of green, bronze, browns etc. and completes it with a thin, fuss-free stroke of a black gel liner. For the lips, you are drawn to shades resembling garnet, their birth stone. So, you will not be surprised if half of the lipsticks you own are of a deep, red shade. Nobody can sport a red pout better than a Capri girl, so go flaunt it away to glory!

So, these were some of the must-haves or wardrobe essentials for any Capricorn men/women out there. You tend to evolve their sense of style each year, but always keep it cosy. You love to don simple, sophisticated pieces and prefer to stock up on your basics, but with a twist. So, if any of the above items are missing from your wardrobe, then head over to the Lifestyle Sale now and update your closet with this essentials!

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