Whether you are an avid believer who checks your horoscope on a daily basis or a sceptic, who makes fun of every astrological prediction, there are certain traits that align with our zodiac and are undeniably accurate. Your fashion favorites could be one of them. Zodiac signs can reveal what are the styles that you are most attracted to, or steer clear of every time you are out shopping. All the twelve zodiac signs possess their own unique sense of style and we are here to tell you about yours, Pisces. All the Pisces men and women out there, have their fancy for colors and patterns that may evoke the rhythmic flow or tranquil calm nature of water (their element). So, let’s take a closer look at what the insides of a Piscean closet may look like:


Ease-breezy maxi dresses

When it comes to fashion matters of a Pisces woman, there’s going to be at least one flow-y maxi dress involved. You love easy-breezy clothing that represents the carefree ripples in the water. Twirly, floral printed maxis are an all-time favorite of Pisces female folk. You can pair them up with Boho-inspired tasseled sandals, stack of bracelets, and your gorgeous smiles. You love to take these flowy dresses everywhere – from Sunday brunches to beach holidays to birthday parties to even special dates!


Blue shirts

Relaxing and soothing colors like blue, sea green, turquoise, teal etc. are a common sight on Pisceans, men included. These subtle, calm hues help to resonate with the ocean-like vibes of this zodiac sign. So, don’t be surprised if your Piscean colleague comes to work everyday in a different shade of blue. Blue shirts are just the subtle yet classic corporate wear that men can pair up with smart chinos or formal pleated trousers. Pisces men can have more than one blue shirt in their wardrobe – maybe one solid, one pinstriped, one checked and one printed!

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Whimsical accessories

Pisces women love Bohemian, arty accessories that play up their whimsical side. You absolutely, adore artistic, handmade items, mostly owing to their own creative nature. Think back to that silver bracelet or a fish pendant in mother-of-pearl that you always cherished in your jewellery box. Statement jewellery like a big chunky ring, or a pair of huge silver ‘jhumkas’, are all-time favorites for Pisceans. You could don that statement cocktail ring with that gorgeous deep blue designer gown and high heels for that special dinner party. Or you could stack up on tassel bracelets or add pops of colors with pom-pom earrings with your otherwise regular outfit of a tee and denims.



Linen pants

Linen is such an easy-going, comfortable fabric that you could live in it forever – and it’s just what the Pisces men love. Though, it’s a bit stubborn with its quickly creasing properties, it’s still perfect to give that smart-casual, yet effortless look. Linen pants are perfect for every occasion, be it at work or at a formal event or even a dressy/casual date. Basically, it’s up to you whether you want to dress it up or down. Choose neutral colors like off-white, beige, navy  or even summery, pastel shades.. and you could pair it with printed shirts for a dinner date or even polo t-shirts for a lunch with the guys.


Trendy heels

Nothing can make a woman feel more empowered and on-top-of-the-world than a pair of stunning high heels. Pisces women have a fascination for fabulous shoes and they adore their heels. A pair of stilettos or trendy block heels in colors like turquoise, sea-green, blue or silver are must-haves in a Piscean closet. You can sport an eye-catching pair of heels with an otherwise low-key outfit like a plain LBD or a white-shirt and denims look to glam up your style quotient in an instant!

So, Pisces, if your wardrobe is missing any of these style essentials, then head over to Lifestyle and give yourself birthday gifts in the form of these must-have clothes or accessories!

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