February is here and if this is your birthday month, then there’s much to rejoice about! But, have you ever wondered why you are always attracted to that same colour or same style of clothing? Well, your zodiac sign does have an impact on your style sensibility. Aquarians are the ones who love to take a walk on the wilder side and experiment with bright and bold colours to flaunt the intense side of their personality. Use your creative, vibrant, and original sense of style to soak up the much deserved attention. So, Aquarian men and women, shine on and make sure you have these fab five in your wardrobes.

winter skincare women beauty

Colorful eye-shadow

Aquarius women are always recognized by their vibrant and wild choice of style. They look gorgeous when they sport their ever-favourite look of a colorful eye makeup. This joyful Zodiac is all about experimenting with bright and bold makeup colors and aims to be a trendsetter for the people around her. Playing with turquoise, pink, or orange eye-shadows isn’t much of an alien concept for her. So, having eye-shadow palettes of the brightest and hard-to-pull-off colors is a must in an Aquarian’s makeup pouch.


Trendy backpacks

Backpacks are a common love for both Aquarian men and women. Whether it’s more of a sporty type or a mini just-for-style-and-no-utility type, backpacks are always found in multiple numbers in an Aquarian’s wardrobe. A backpack is one of the safest, low-key, yet effective pieces of accessories that complete an outfit. If you are an Aquarius girl, you will love to go for an embellished, patch work, sequined or appliqued backpack. As for the guys, they love to spend on a nice, good quality; zip closure printed or leather backpack. Whether it’s a two-day road trip or a long college day, back packs always come in handy.


Cool leather jackets

Aquarians have their own personal style that’s best described as eclectic and fashion-forward. Leather jackets as we know, are a fashion staple that’s glam and a must-have in every wardrobe. Well, for Aquarians the obsession might just be a bit more serious. They love their leather jackets, as these clothing pieces reflect their adventurous trait. You can have some in neutral hues like the quintessential black or brown, or you can go for pop-hued ones like yellow, red or blue! Winter might actually be your favorite season, because it’s the perfect time to bring those leather beauties out.

boho sandals fringe women

Boho sandals

Aquarius women are all about being eclectic, and are known for wearing the most stand-out outfits in a room of people. They search for pieces that are stylish yet different and this is what best describes their boho style. Just imagine how cute those Boho inspired tasselled sandals shall look with your floral printed skater dress and a pop-colored sling. A pair of fringed gladiators or embroidered sandals are must-have essentials in your shoe closet!

Bright-colored shirts for men

That confident man in a tomato red or a cool turquoise shirt who you meet at a party is bound to be an Aquarian. Just like Aquarian women, the men of this zodiac love their colors too. So, his wardrobe is filled with crayon-colored and printed shirts which he balances out with rather ‘normal’ pants. So, next time you get attracted to that vibrant-colored shirt while shopping, don’t think twice and just pick it up!

These five are some of the most common and loved fashion items in every Aquarian’s closet. If you are the ‘water-bearer’, you may be already agreeing with us. These open-minded and independent beings like to keep their style trendy and different, and in no way shies away from bold prints or colors.  So, be that passionate do-gooder who loves to look great like you always are!

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