Your parents have always given you whatever you asked for, and more. It’s obviously not possible for you to ever repay them or give back equally, but you can certainly make them feel special from time to time! One such occasion is Parents’ Day which falls on 24th July. Want to make your folks happy on Parents’ Day? Want to think out of the box and avoid the cliché tradition of giving store-bought gifts? We, try out the following suggestions this Parents’ Day and you are bound to big smiles on your folk’s faces as you shower them with your love and efforts.

breakfast in bed

Make it a sunnier morning

We all know that a good morning can turn the whole day brighter and what can be more thoughtful than getting your parents a scrumptious breakfast in bed! For once, your folks will not have to prepare their own breakfast and feel pampered and special. There is no need to go exotic and extravagant. If cooking is not one of your skills, then a simple sausages and omelette with bread is going to seal the deal. Bring out the best cutlery in the house, put some flowers in a vase, arrange the food on a tray, stir up some black tea or a coffee just the way your folks prefer it and voila, you are all set to give them that delicious start to the day!


It’s never too late to learn

Giving someone the gift of a new knowledge or skill is really thoughtful and will be highly appreciated. You can sign up your parents for a course in something they are interested in but never eventually got the time or the chance to pursue – be it swimming, sewing, baking, woodwork, chess, gardening, dance, yoga or anything else that might float their boat. This will not only help them utilise their time better, but also make them happy as they will be learning something which was on their bucket list since ages!


All for a good cause

Got parents who are so pro-‘saving the world’ that they can’t talk about anything else? Well, show them that you care for their cause by donating to a charity on their behalf. Be it buying up some toys and gifts for children at an orphanage or paying for medicines at an old-age home or just simply donating a small part of your savings to a budding NGO, thinking for others can bring about quite a change and make your parents proud of their upbringing.


The gift of time

In today’s world, where Time is considered to be money, gifting someone your time can be quite a big deal. Create and gift your folks the ‘coupon book’ which they can use and redeem the coupons as & when they wish. Fill the book with coupons that show your efforts of appreciation & love. There can be a coupon for a free hug, a coupon for doing the dishes, one for a night off etc. Offers to do chores like cleaning, cooking, babysitting your younger brother/sister, fixing or repairing stuff are priceless for busy people like your parents and is sure to make them feel relaxed & taken care of.


Makeover magic

This idea is as magical as it sounds and involves giving your parents’ room an efficient makeover. You can paint their room in their favourite colour or rearrange the furniture in a different way or maybe just put up some bright new curtains or place a new rug. Put up some quirky wall hangings or place a new lamp on the bedside table – the ideas are countless and all you have to do is wrack your brains and come up with the best you can, so that you can give your parents the gift of a beautiful new space in their own home!

Even though all of these indigenous and creative ideas are perfect to make your folks happy on Parents’ Day, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait till that. Any day is as good when you wish to convey some love to your parents. You can even get inspired and come up with your own ideas to let your folks know how much they mean to you!




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