Rakhi celebrates the essence of love and friendship between a brother & sister, and marks the unique bond of siblinghood which not only consists of fights, tantrums and irritating the hell out of each other, but also standing by & protecting the other person in times of need. Call it Rakhi Purnima, Raksha Bandhan or simply Rakhi, this festival puts a smile on every sibling’s face as the sister ties the special band on her brother’s arm. For a festival so special, you need more than special gifts and so, we are here with some unique gift ideas that you can surprise your sister with on Rakhi this year.

Rakhi gifts-watch

Learn something new

This is one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts that you can ever give your sister. Sign her up for a course on a topic she has always been interested in but never really got the time or chance to pursue. Be it swimming, baking, sewing, gardening, yoga or anything else that might float your sister’s boat, getting her to learn this new skill will surely help you score brownie points with her. By doing this you will not only be able to make her happy but also make her proficient in a skill that can come handy in making her future better. Your gift of skill can be accompanied by an elegant watch that’ll help her manage time and stick to her new busy schedule!

Rakhi gifts-bag full of chocolates

Sweetest gift ever

No sister in the whole wide world can even remotely not like chocolates, so this option is always a thumbs up. Even if your sister is a health food freak, she is sure to find a way to sneak chocolates in her otherwise low calorie diet. In order to add a fun twist to this sweet gift, get a stylish handbag for your sister in one of her favourite colors (take the help of her bestie if you are not too sure about your shopping skills) and fill it up with as many chocolates as you like. Be it milk, caramel, dark, Belgian or even white, all types are welcome and you are bound to see your sister’s face light up as she unzips the handbag to find those mouth-watering sweet nothings waiting for her inside!

Rakhi gifts-perfumes

Memories unleashed

Are you a memory collector? Do you have photos of yourself and your sister since those nappy days all stored safely with you? Photos that are witnesses to those innumerable times you both tortured each other by pulling her hair or she pulling your cheeks. Nothing beats a DIY gift and a handmade scrapbook-cum-photo album is going to make her day like no other gift. All you have to do is stick the photos down on a scrapbook and maybe write a few words for her on every other page or add some souvenir of a special memory among the pages, so that she relives all those lovely moments spent together as she thumbs through your love-filled gift. You can even pair your handmade gift of love with one of her favourite perfumes that she connects to old times for a touch of fragrant nostalgia.

Rakhi gifts-soft toys

Finders keepers

Age is just a number when a girl comes face to face with…*wait for it*…a softie!! Yes! A big stuffed toy, be it a teddy or a panda or an elephant, is all you need to bring that million dollar smile on your sister’s face. To make it even more interesting, just open the zip at the back of the toy and insert as many gifts as you want into that huge mass of cotton inside. It can be makeup items or books or accessories or anything that your sister is crazy about. This surprising gift will give you the chance to see her be a child again rummaging through cotton looking for her gifts within her gift.

Rakhi gifts-shades for road trip

Take to the road

And last but not the least, you can gift her an amazing road trip. Make all the preparations for an epic trip and with a tank full of petrol and a heart filled with enthusiasm, set out for some quality time with your sister. Keep loads of junk food and snacks in store and stock the car stereo with playlists of all your sister’s favourite songs. Don’t forget to put on some cool shades to brave the sun along the road and look stylish in the selfies too! Explore new places, get lost in the wilderness, don’t care about your lost phone signal and make some evergreen memories together. Trust us, this is going to be a gift she’ll remember & cherish forever!

These gifts are not only going to make your sister happy but also make her feel the effort that you put into making this day special. In case you miss planning something as elaborate or unique, you can always head to your nearest Lifestyle store or log on the website and pick some trendy gifts for your sister, without a doubt that she’ll love them!



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