When it comes to getting that gorgeous glowing skin, it’s not only about a good skincare routine or using the right products. Of course, doing the right things go a long way in giving you healthy skin, but one of the things most of us overlook is our sleeping habits. Here are 5 nighttime habits that are ruining your skin and what you can do instead…

1. Sleeping with makeup on

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As much as the last thing we want to do after a late night out is to stand in front of the mirror removing our makeup, not doing so may be affecting your skin more than you know. Most makeup products block your pores, meaning they also trap dirt and pollutants. The build-up on your skin can cause inflammation and acne, and over time it may also cause premature ageing. Sleeping with makeup also interferes with the natural shedding of dead cells and exfoliation our skin undergoes, leading to a dry and uneven complexion. So adding removing makeup every night to your skincare regimen is a must for good skin health.

2. Not washing bedding often

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Using the same bedsheets and pillows repeatedly collects all the oil, dirt, grime and dust from our bodies and hair. Although we can’t see the build-up of dirt and bacteria, the more harmful it is to us as the residue grows. It can cause breakouts, inflammation and irritation. And can also cause allergies like sinus problems, itchy eyes, etc. Aiming to wash your bedding at least once a week is one of the many good skincare tips you can add to your routine.

3. Sleeping with your hair down

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Tying your hair into a loose bun before sleeping isn’t just helpful for your skin but your hair too. Unless you wash your hair before sleeping, your tresses would have collected dirt and oil through the day or days, depending on how often you wash them. Since it’s not a good idea to wash your hair every single day, tying them into a bun before sleeping is a better solution. This will keep your skin free from impurities and won’t allow your hair to get tangled through the night.

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4. Not moisturising enough

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One of the nighttime habits that are ruining your skin is not moisturising before sleeping. Look for a moisturiser that goes with your skin type – a hydrating formula for those with drier skin types and a drying formula for people with oily skin. Not drinking water for the 8-9 hours we are asleep can dehydrate the skin can cause problems. Applying a layer of moisturiser and lip balm before sleeping should be an important step in your healthy glowing skincare routine.

5. Not getting enough sleep

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Of the many disadvantages of bad sleep – short hours, bad quality or both – skin problems are big. While we sleep, our body gets the chance to repair itself from damage and inflammation. The outermost layer of our skin is constantly exposed to external irritants, and sleeping gives us the time we need to heal. Sleepless nights also affect the skin’s pH levels and lowers its moisture, leading to drier, duller skin. So although it may be hard to get a good night’s sleep every single day no matter what, you should strive for at least 7-8 hours of beauty sleep as often as you can.

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Saanvi Khatri

I have not been careful about my sleep but the article mentions some crucial sleeping habits that may ruin your skin.

Soumya Thakkar

I had read this article which helped me understand sleeping habits that may ruin your skin and change my lifestyle a little bit.

Pallavi Shah

Everyone always says ‘bad lifestyle choices ruin your skin’, but this is the only good article that explains in detail all the bad sleeping habits ruining your skin. I learned a lot from this article, especially about mistakes that I have been making in taking care of my skin.

Zeel patel

After reading this article, one of the most important things I learned is that sleeping with my hair down was ruining my skin. A valuable piece with the most extensive information about all the bad sleeping habits ruining your skin.