It’s no more just phone, wallet and keys when going out. Here’s the new check list.

• Mask up

Face masks are your first layer of protection. Keeping it on not only protects you but the people around you too. Carry extras to refresh. Style tip: Get creative. Customise your mask to mood, trend and outfit.

• Use hand sanitizer & the right way

Hand sanitizer is a must-have! When soap and water is not accessible, sanitizer is your next best bet! Make sure to rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds until it has dried.

• Wipe down surfaces

Now’s a good time to keep a pack of wet wipes with you. They come in handy anywhere you go – wipe down handles in buses, seats, shopping trolleys and more.

• Carry hand cream

Wash your hands with soap and water every hour or whenever you get an opportunity. And don’t pay a price for safety with rough hands –moisturize!

• BYOB (Bring your own bag)


There’s been no better time to carry your own bag than now! It saves you from over-using plastic. You will also protect yourself from anything touched by others.

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