The arrival of cricket’s biggest event, tends to unleash a wave of emotions. While we all have our opinions regarding everything cricket (whether a fan or just trying to make small talk), here are some sentences that you must never utter to a cricket fanatic.

We look at five not so smart cricket gems which will help you avoid that proverbial foot in the mouth situation during the next two months.

  1. Why isn’t Sachin in the team?

Really? The last time you took any interest in cricket might have been during the last time India became World champions, four years ago, when the Little Master was still in full glory. But, bewildered fans, being that he’s pushed past the 40’s, launched his autobiography and left a nation full of tears when announcing his retirement about two years ago, you must realize that he has waved goodbye the pitch for good.

  1. But India isn’t even playing in this Match!

True that… but to people who are connoisseurs of the game it does not matter whether the home side is involved in the game or not. A true cricket enthusiast will follow all other matches with the same amount of interest and passion. Yes, even a Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe game. They will also spend as much time discussing and analyzing strengths, weaknesses and lost opportunities of the two teams the next day.

  1. A 50-over match? How boring is that?

A cricket fan will watch all forms of the game – Tests, One Days and T20’s. If you dare pass a comment about the number of overs or how much better the T20 format is, be prepared to be slayed by murderous glares and a barrage of arguments.

4. Indian cricketers are overpaid.

Yes, of course they are. But so is your favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan! And believe us, right now as India looks again to be World Champions in cricket, it is not the best time to enter into that debate as it would only ensure a vigorous discussion about monies and advertisements.

  1. She knows a lot, for a girl!

For most women cricket or sports fans this can be the most irritating line ever! Guy friends seem to have this innate need to point out that a GIRL knows a lot about cricket, while the rest of the audience feigns a swoon at this discovery. Get over it! Women not only watch and know a lot about the game, but also play it.


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