Old friendships are like wine – they grow finer with age. You all have those select few friends with whom you go back a long way, who knows all your teenage secrets and whom you instantly connect to, even if you meet once in a while! Your busy lives (sometimes, in different continents) do make it difficult for you to spend too much time with your oldest friends, but with Friendship’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think about how to rekindle that chemistry you guys shared in all those growing up years together. Here are some things you can plan to do with your old buddies to celebrate the strong & time-withstanding friendship you have!

friendship recreating memories

Spend a day recreating memories

There’s nothing like indulging in nostalgia and recreating your favourite memories with your best buddies. Take a stroll through the playground you used to play in, rise your bicycles together through familiar roads in your home town, go to your fav food joints and hog on all those soul-satisfying fast food or simply sit & chill at “your place” – just like the good old times! A day spent doing all this with your old friends will make you realise how big the smaller things in life really are and how much you miss them, even if you don’t realise it always!

friendship movie marathon

Have a movie marathon at home

One of the best ways to have some fun, chilled-out time with your old pals is to have a movie or TV series marathon over at someone’s house. Create a playlist of all your favourite movies or TV shows, rustle up big bowls of caramel popcorn, bring out the soda and indulge in some pure, unadulterated fun that’s sure to remind you all of old times. After all, what can be more fun than a long night of binge-watching TV, unlimited popcorn, endless gossip and carefree laughter?

friendship learning new

Learn something new together

Friends who learn new things together, stay together. Round up all the whole gang and enrol to learn something new together. Try your hand at baking, join skateboarding classes, learn some new hobbies or go the whole way and tick something epic, like skydiving or bungee jumping, off your common bucket list! There are numerous things you can try, just make sure whatever it is that you are learning together is everyone’s area of interest and we can guarantee you that it’s going to be awesome fun!

friendship road trip

Go on the ultimate road trip

There are hardly any group of friends who haven’t planned their epic road trip. Be it to Goa with the gang or to Leh-Ladakh with your besties or even that dream-trip to Las Vegas with your BFFs – these trips have been the topic of discussion on many rainy evenings & lazy afternoons. It’s time you turned all that planning into reality and took that trip. Finalize dates, book tickets & stays in advance and get packing for that ultimate road trip! Stick as much to the original plans as possible, so that you all live your dream just as you had imagined it – after all, YOLO.

friendship surprise gifts

Send them surprise gifts

This Friendship’s Day, show your friends that you are thinking of them by sending them surprise gifts, wherever they may be! Choose carefully, keeping in mind your friends’ likes & dislikes, so that they know they are well-remembered. Clothes, jewellery, chocolates & home décor items make great gifts for girls, while guys would definitely like perfumes, shoes, watches or sunglasses. Visit your nearest Lifestyle store or check out our website to pick up something for your friends – you’ll surely be spoilt for choices. Put in a li’l hand-written note for that added touch of love and you’ll surely bring a smile on your friends’ faces on this special day!

As Hubert H. Humphrey had rightly said, “The greatest gift of life is friendship”; and it’s very important that you keep the bond of old friendships strong & thriving. Old is, indeed, gold, so these friendships are nothing less than your life’s treasures – cherish them and celebrate them, not only on this one day, but always!




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