It’s that time of the year again! Love is in the air and how! As soon as February sets in, the romantic-at-heart (and the not-so-romantic ones too) start preparing for the big day of love. St. Valentine might have given his life for his beloved, but little did he know what a trend he started for the generations of lovers to come. Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your loved one requires a lot of thought & effort and with the day becoming more commercialised each year, making plans are getting more difficult. So, this year, why not think outside the movie-and-dinner box and celebrate this day in a totally different way?




Hold a love treasure hunt
Turn your house into a treasure trove and leave clues for your other half at random places. You can buy small gifts and leave them along with the clues for him or her to find out, leading to the ultimate gift. Keep the clues & gifts in places that are not too out-of-the-way, but not too easy either in order to make the hunt more fun! Not only is it a fun way to celebrate, your love also ends up with more gifts than he or she expected!

Let the world know of your love
Everyone’s not the kind who can scream out their love in front of others. But you can surely make it known by creative gestures that will impress both your beloved as well as your whole neighbourhood! Cut out a cute message in cardboard letters and hang them on your front door for your loved one to see as soon as they come back from work. You can even coax, cajole or bribe your neighbors to play your beloved’s favourite love songs to wake her up in the morning. He or she will be pleasantly surprised for sure!




Dress up and stay in
Everyone goes out on Valentine’s Day, so why not put a twist to the tale and stay in instead? Dress up in your V-day outfits (in matching colours, for all you care) and plan a long, lazy day at home with your other half. Settle down on the couch with tubs of home-made popcorn and glasses of wine and enjoy back to back movies or reruns of your favourite TV shows. Cook each other your favourite dishes and finish off tubs of chocolate ice-cream at a go! Nothing can be as fun as spending some quality time together.

Learn something together
Thanks today’s hectic work life, you hardly get time to learn something new. Valentine’s Day can be a perfect excuse for you two to bond with each other over the chance to learn a new skill. Enroll in a baking class or register your names for a salsa session to spend your day in an unconventional, yet cool way. Have fun while you spend an exciting time together learning a new skill. Romantic just got a whole new meaning!




Watch the sunrise/sunset together
Even if clichéd, this is something you hardly end up doing, specially on V-day. So, this time, wake up early enough and drive to the nearest lake or park to catch the sun spread its first golden rays onto the world. If you are taking a Valentine’s Day trip to a beach or the hills, then the phenomenon gets even more beautiful for you two. In case you missed the sunrise, there’s always the sunset to sigh over as you enjoy the beauty hand in hand. Nothing can get more lovey-dovey than this!

So, ditch the conventional plans this year and do something out of the ordinary on V-Day to impress your loved one and make it a memorable one for both of you to look back on for years to come!



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Love fir life