Handbags are undoubtedly the biggest saviours that we have in hand (literally) to save us on days when we want to prep up our otherwise normal everyday outfits. They play an important role in enhancing the whole look and taking it up to another level. But being one of the most expensive and exquisite genre of women’s accessories, it is usually not possible to have a different matching handbag for every other different outfit. To overcome this world wide dilemma we show you how to style one versatile handbag with five different outfits and how it adds a different element to the outfit every time.

Paprika tan hobo bag with office look

Corporate calling

We know boho-chic is the new trend in style town and your wardrobe must have a few pieces so why not experiment with that. You can style your everyday office ensemble such as a crisp white shirt and black high waist trousers with the Paprika tan hobo bag. Strappy heels in the same tan shade, a dainty pendant and a sleek classy watch are all that you need to finish off the look with.

Paprika tan hobo bag with casual look

Casual story

Off to a lunch date and don’t want to overdo the look, yet feeling like the outfit is too plain? Well not to worry as this bag is going to transform it efficiently. Pair the Paprika tan hobo bag with a monocolour white skater dress, add a layered neckpiece and a pair of tan braided sandals and you are all set to sweep your date off his feet as well as stay cool under the summer sun!

Paprika tan hobo bag with party look

Party power

LBDs are not the only party outfits you can flaunt, there can be a zillion other outfit ideas for a party – such as a smart pencil skirt and a chic embellished party top. In case you are wondering as to why you should carry a Paprika tan hobo bag to the party with this outfit, the answer applies to times when you have a party to attend to just after office hours and for obvious reasons you can carry spare clothes but not multiple bags to the office right? So, just throw in a paty top & a pair of heels in this spacious bag and make that effortless transition from work to party in a jiffy!

Paprika tan hobo bag with boho look

Boho belle

At times when you feel like going the boho-chic way, this bag with tassels will come to your style rescue. Just pop on a ruffled off-shoulder top and a bright pair of palazzos or a flowy maxi dress, accessorize the look with a long chunky silver neckpiece and a statement silver ring, and last but not the least add a pair of kolhapuris along with the fashionable Paprika tan hobo bag to be the newest boho queen in town.

Paprika tan hobo bag with college look

College chronicles

For times when you want to give your backpack a rest, the Paprika tan hobo bag makes for the perfect arm candy for your college look. It fits all your essentials and makes you turn heads at the same time. Sport a pair of distressed or cut-off jeans and a loose boxy cotton crop top with tan belt and a cute pair of ballerinas for a long day at college with this bag for company. This look is an absolute hit for a movie date post classes too!

So, you can see how one single bag can be paired with as many as five different outfits for five different occasions. This will not only cut down your shopping bills but also take you many notches higher on the style versatility scale. Now go, rummage through your wardrobe to find that perfect all-rounder bag and unleash your mix & match skills!



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