Don’t lose the radiance and glow of your skin this winter by following these simple tricks and keeping your winter skin-care routine as simple as possible. Switch up your makeup essentials with these products and see the difference instantly…

1. Switch to liquids

Put away your foundation, concealer or any makeup powders and swap them for their liquid counterparts. Since the winter air naturally dries the skin, these powders will only make your skin appear dull and flaky. Water- or oil-based products will add some hydration to your skin providing the much-needed nourishment it needs during this time.

2. Pay attention to your lips

Chapped lips are a big problem during the winter season. This is the time to use a moisturizing lip balm over the more tempting lip glosses and lipsticks. If you do wear them, pick hydrating formulas and put a layer of lip balm on before the lip colour. Choose lip balms with ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter for better results.

3. Moisturizer: The more the merrier

Just can’t stress enough on moisturizer! The winter air can irritate and dry out your skin making moisturizer a must-have this season. Apply a layer first thing in the morning and another layer before going to bed. Water-based formulas will give you all the extra moisture your skin needs without clogging up your pores.

4. Primer is the way to go

Since makeup soak up oils and moisture in your skin, making your winter skin worse, don’t forget to add a primer underneath your makeup. It not only provides a good base for the makeup that gives that radiance-from-within glow to your skin, but also adds a layer of moisture.

5. Rejuvenating face packs

Last but not least, nothing helps winter skin like a hydrating face pack. Choose ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and nourish the skin while also toning the skin for that natural glow. Buy a face pack from the store but make sure to read the ingredients and pick one that suits your skin or DIY it with household foods like papaya, avocado, coconut milk, olive oil or banana.

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