As we move into the warmer months of the year, it gets harder to keep clinging to our winter cute outfits. You might find that the thick cardigans and jackets might have to settle back down in the farthest corner of your wardrobe. Surely, nobody likes to break a sweat wearing one of those. Chances are you already have some great pieces that can be styled differently, and you don’t need a total wardrobe revamp. Whatever it may be, it’s always a good idea to look into some great summer wardrobe staples that could be used throughout the year.

Although the transition may sound expensive, it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to point you in the right direction and help you seamlessly transition your winter wardrobe to a summer one.

1. Keep a few winter pieces

1.ONLY Women Textured Sweater

2.VERO MODA Women Solid Full Sleeves Biker Jacket

First things first: Clean out your wardrobe. However, retain the few clothes you can style regardless of the season. This can be tricky but not entirely impossible. For instance, sweaters and biker jackets are a classic among winter looks for women. They’re casual winter outfits that can be pretty comfy and cosy. But did you know that they can also be worn outside of winter when paired right? Depending on where you live, summer nights can also get a bit chilly for sure. So, pair the sweaters with denim shorts and the biker jackets with your favourite crop tops. Voila! You’re ready for a summer night.

2. Swap closed shoes for sandals

3.INC.5 Women Solid Block Heel Sandals

4.INC.5 Women Embellished Flat Sandals

No sign says ‘No closed shoes allowed’, but swapping them for sandals can make a great deal of difference. Invest in slip-on flats, espadrilles, sling-back sandals, casual block heels – you know the drill! Sandals made out of synthetic materials or leather will allow your feet to breathe and keep you comfy throughout. Plus, they go with your classy winter outfits and summer ones which means you’re in for a double treat.

3. Pick lighter hues

5.ONLY Striped Round Neck Crop T-shirt

6.GINGER Women Printed Drawstring Waist Shorts

You know the golden rule: Light-coloured clothing reflects light and dark-coloured clothing absorbs it. Stock up on crop t-shirts, tees, shorts and other clothing items in lighter hues. Colours like White, Beige, Yellow and Pink also give your outfit a soft and cool vibe, especially if you’re all set to go out during the day. Dark fabrics tend to trap heat and will have you feeling uncomfortable. Now, who wants that?

4. Choose thinner layers

7.GINGER Women Solid Woven Denim Jacket

8.BOSSINI Women Textured Shrug

Still want to layer up over your strappy crop tops? That’s alright. Just make sure to keep it light. Pick easy-breezy shrugs, denim jackets or cotton shirts to wear over your tops. Remember, the key is to choose light coloured and light-textured fabrics, especially if you live in a very humid area. With temperatures bound to rise, you’ll want to keep all of this in mind.

5. Opt for breathable fabrics

9.ALLEN SOLLY Women Solid Short Sleeves Shirt

10.LEVI'S Women Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans

We all want to avoid that sticky, sweaty feeling when the heat maxes out. Stick to shirts and jeans made of moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton or cotton blends. They absorb sweat and keep you away from nasty bacteria and yeast. Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics are a nightmare, and it is best to lay off them as most of these don’t dry off or let your skin breathe.

6. Add some prints to the mix

11.ALLEN SOLLY Women Printed A-Line Dress

12.GINGER Women Striped Shorts

Who doesn’t love a generous dollop of colour combined with delicious prints on their outfits? That’s rare. We’re talking printed dresses, striped shorts, plaid skirts and fruit printed button-downs. With so many exciting prints at Lifestyle, it’s easy to find something you’d like to add to your shopping basket. Play around with prints and discover what works for you.

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