This year we take “Out with the old, in with the new” quite literally by making space for new trends and fashion that is coming in 2022. If your closet is still full of shabby clothes or that one sweater you bought five years ago that you still haven’t worn, then why not welcome the new year with a chic new wardrobe? Here are 7 tips on cleaning out your closet for the new year…

1. Categorize everything you own


Once you pull out everything you own from your wardrobe, now’s the time to categorise them into three piles: must-haves, to be discarded and the maybes. Finding your must-haves is the easiest. You just keep what you really like and wear on the regular. What goes into your ‘to be discarded’ pile is anything old, worn or just torn and tattered. The ‘maybes’ pile is probably the hardest to put together. Although it may be tempting to keep that sweater that was gifted to you over Christmas or the pants that are a size too small now that you’re hoping to fit back into, realistically choose the ones you will actually wear and as hard as it may be, say goodbye to the rest.

2. Only keep what you wear


The best closet cleaning tips for 2022 you will get is to only keep what you will wear. Most of us end up keeping a lot of clothes that we hope we will wear one day. So divide your clothes into what you wear at home (including your nightwear) and when you’re out (workwear and for outings) and re-fill your closet with only the things you are absolutely sure you will wear in the next six months or a year.

3. Get rid of anything you don’t really need


To know how to properly clean out your closet, you need to know what to get rid of, and that includes anything you will not wear in the near future. That means that one impulse purchase that doesn’t match the rest of your clothes goes, or that dress you’re saving for an occasion that is likely not to come also goes. The key is to keep only the essentials.

4. Donate what you don’t use


If the clothes you are discarding aren’t in terrible shape, that means if they aren’t totally falling apart, then instead of simply throwing them out, you could consider donating them. There are many people who cannot afford to buy new clothes or even warm clothes they may need during the colder months. They would greatly benefit from any discarded clothes you may not need. Plenty of charities and NGOs collect clothes and distribute them to people in need, so if you can donate your things, there’s nothing like a good deed done.

5. Organise what you’re keeping


For tips on organising your wardrobe, the easiest method is to store your clothes based on category – loungewear, nightwear, innerwear, workwear, partywear, layers, etc. Depending on what you have in your closet, find a way to organise it based on how you dress and where you usually go. This way you will know exactly what you have, so you can easily curate your outfits without having to rummage through your entire closet to find that one t-shirt or pair of pants.

6. Plan your outfits seasonally


A good tip for keeping your closet clean longer is to plan your wardrobe seasonally. Once winter is over, put your heavy winter gear at the back or in storage and bring your shorts, skirts and light t-shirts to the front for the summer. Doing this throughout the year will help you keep your closet tidier and allow you to find everything you need when you’re getting dressed.

7. Learn how to store your clothes


Customising your storage space for your clothes and accessories is a great way to keep your closet clean and organised. Create space with hangers for your outerwear and dresses, drawer organisers for more minor things like socks, belts, panties, bras, and trays for your jewellery and makeup. This will free up any extra space and keep everyday items within your reach every time you open your closet door.

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