Wouldn’t it be great…

  1. …if you didn’t look like a walking-talking storm that hit the woollen store every winter?
  2. …if you could wear all your favourite clothes at once without looking like a crazy ball of wool?

You’re probably thinking, yes and yes.

We understand how you feel as we too have faced many a cold morning bundled up in a blanket while observing the drop in temperatures on our phone, slowly realising that there’s only one stylish way to embrace this winter drama and that is ‘layering’! As always, here’s fashion to our rescue!

The biggest misconception about layering is that it makes one appear bulky.

So, it made us wonder if this was a reliable fashion trick that everyone could pull off, especially since the average Indian woman is not too tall.

We did a little research and played dress up for a few hours until we figured out everything there is to know about the art of layering. With the right tricks and tips any woman can accentuate her natural curves while giving the illusion of a well-proportioned silhouette. Wow, it’s like we’ve almost figured out the meaning of life. Sure, feels like it!

So, here it goes. The 5-step masterclass on how to look chic and swanky by layering like a pro.

  1. First layer: Start with a clean slate

The first layer should be form fitting. Start clutter-free with a full-sleeve round neck tee, collared blouse, checked shirt, or a chambray shirt. We recommend choosing something with an interesting collar detail like lace, sequins, or studs as it will sit pretty and draw attention to your neck. Colours like cream, midnight blue, powder blue, teal, olive green, oxblood, and camel will make your skin glow. We are, currently, crushing big time on teal.

  1. Second layer: Make it worth its while

We like keeping it classic for the second layer with a jumper in pastel hues like charcoal grey, forest green, maroon, mustard, and tan brown. Add a fun twist to your look with geometric prints, animal prints, or quirky graphics. On those days when one wakes up feeling a little experimental and crazy, a cropped jumper over a collared shirt should do the trick. You can also use a leather belt to cinch your waist in this layer.

Psst…get your hands on the most stylish layering piece this season, our favourite, the waistcoat. Select one with some shimmer detailing, as it would not only add drama to your outfit but it would also cinch your waist. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

  1. Third layer: Cosy yet snug

This is the most fun layer because you can really get creative here. There are no rules here, as long as it is the statement piece of the outfit. So, bring out those blazers, cardigans, and coats. However, the tricky thing about getting this layer perfect lies in the proportions. After all, you don’t want it to look too baggy!

For dressy evenings, get your hands on a cape coat in a jewel tone like ruby red, emerald green, or camel, or go classic with the good old black overcoat with vintage gold buttons. It’s time to look like a cheeky Red Riding Hood, minus the terrible wolf-eating-the-grandmother horror.

  1. Accessories: Your stylish winter companions

Since winters ensure that you’re covered from head to toe, it’s best to keep your accessories minimalistic yet edgy. This’ll help draw attention to your extremities, making you appear lean despite the layers.

Look out for statement accessories like a chunky gold bracelet, peek-a-boo pearl earrings, and jewelled ear studs. Go for colours like emerald green and amber-orange to create a visual illusion of heat. Keep cozy with a wide assortment of winter footwear like black military boots to wade through the snow and rain, grey wedge boots on dry days, brown knee-high boots and booties, velvet loafers for a day indoors, and our personal favourite, brogues for any day-everyday!

  1. Bottomwear: The canvas

Your bottomwear is important as it provides the much-needed visual symmetry and balances out all the crazy layering you’ll be doing on the top. It’s like a bare canvas to your style portrait, so to speak. Don’t you love it when we get so poetic?

So, stock up on your basic skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, and treggings. And don’t miss out on the faux leather detailing, side zips and eye-catching prints. Add colours like beige, sea-foam green, white, mustard, oxblood, and red to your basic collection of blues and blacks.

Your super skinny denims are perfect to wear with those fabulous knee-high boots. If you’re brave enough to wear distressed denims, then don’t forget to add a thin layer of thermals underneath.

Phew… that’s going to be one heavy shopping bag! It’s time to book your significant other for a fun day of shopping. Someone’s got to lift the bags and pay those bills, right?

*mischievous grin*

Outfit details: Trousers – Ginger –799, Top – Van Huesen – 2,195,  Grey Aztec Cardigan – Ginger –1,999, Shoes – Ginger –1,899

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