We might think of accessories as the supporting cast of our everyday fashion film, but these add-ons have the power to make or break an outfit. Accessorizing is the name of a tricky game and if not done right, it can completely ruin a good outfit. Follow these tips and tricks to be a pro at accessorizing and jazz up the mundane-est of outfits to grab eyeballs.

Go minimalistic
The safest way to accessorize is to do it in light doses. A bit here and a bit there can work wonders if you know how to do it right. Simple necklaces, dainty rings and elegant bracelets or watches can make for the perfect accessories if you want to keep it subtle, yet stylish. Minimal accessories work best when your clothes are stark enough to speak for themselves.

Make a statement

If you want to use accessories to a bold advantage, then daring to pile them on is the way to go! Invest in statement pieces that can spruce up any outfit in an instant. If your clothes are minimal enough to act as a blank canvas, then go all the way and stack on layers of jewellery. The trick is to make sure your accessories does not clash with each other or with the clothes.

Grab the right bag

Sometimes, the right bag might not be perfect for your practical utility and sometimes, the wrong bag might be useful, but not sartorially ideal. Hence, while choosing a bag with your outfit, you have to keep it mind the use as well as the look. If styled right, a backpack can add a fun twist to a maxi dress, while an oversized envelope clutch can be just the thing to glam up a shirt and denim look. Remember, matchy-matchy is a thing of the past, so feel free to mismatch, contrast or colour block your bags with your outfits.

Scarves to the rescue
Scarves are accessories that are hardly given their due importance, but you would be surprised at how versatile these seemingly mundane pieces of cloth can be! You can add a fashionable twist to any outfit by throwing on a scarf, knotting it up in one of the innumerable ways possible. If the weather is too hot to wear a scarf around the neck, use it to knot up your hair or wear it as a headband for a chic look. You can even wear scarves as belts or tie them up on the handle of your bags for a retro vibe.

Happy feet
There are many people out there who judge a man (or woman) by his (or her) shoes. So, it’s of utmost importance that you have the right shoes with the right outfits. The thumb rule is to make sure your shoes suit your figure and complement your clothes. That apart, you can wear sneakers with prom dresses or stilettos with boyfriend denims for all you care! As long as you can carry off your outfit and strut confidently in those shoes, that’s all you need to step out in style!

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