We love vacations, and when it comes to it, we have just one rule- keep it fashionable, always, destination no bar. And, because we are not selfish, we’ve decided to share the secrets to packing like a pro for a high fashion vacation. From what goes in to how, we’ve got you covered.

The “It” Luggage
It starts from the outside in. Carry-all duffel or wheeled suitcase, invest in a chic functional one in a block colour. Good ones won’t come cheap but they’ll last you through many holidays, we promise.

Clothes that Work Hard

No one looks fashionable lugging around luggage uncomfortably. Keep it light. Carry pieces that can work two jobs and stick to one or two colour palettes so that you can play around with the pairing.

The Bag
Your look is seldom complete without the perfect bag, even on vacation, and when on vacation, cross-bodies and bucket bags work best. Plus, they are oh-so-hot right about now. Try round for shape.

One piece or Two
Beach or not, carry a bathing suit, and we say keep it retro.

Wide-brimmed Hat
When on vacation, wear hat. Period.

Love thy Flats.
You are bound to be walking around, visiting places, shopping some, and you don’t want your feet playing spoil sport. Solution? Vacation-favourite slides (try metallic for a high fashion twist) or fringed gladiators/sandals, and, just in case you feel like carrying some desi along to foreign lands, kolhapuris.

Beauty Kit, please.
No room for the make-up entourage, just some versatile, multitasking pieces and colour palette. A lipstick or two, an SPFed BB cream, kohl, a cheek and eye kit, waterproof mascara and SUNBLOCK.

High Time
Unless it’s a weekend trek or camping trip in the wilderness, no high fashion packing is ever complete without a pair of high heels, because even the dressiest flats can’t do half the job.

Be Jewelled
Statement pieces are a must. They are the magic wands that take your look from day to night, and every vacation needs some magic, no?

Scents & Shades
To top all that awesome, garnish with oversized sunglasses and fresh fragrance. Ta da!
Okay, that’s what to pack, now some quick tips on how to pack:
♥ lay the shoes in first, in pairs on the sides
♥ then fill any gaps with lingerie, jewellery and belts, rolled up
♥ And, finally, lay the clothes flat. If you opted for the soft carry-all, roll the clothes instead.
We’ve told you, so ideally, we’d have to kill you but, just this once, we’ll let you off with a warning. Hush! ☺

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