We all need to put on our stilettos and have a little fun from time to time, but a night of partying can put a serious dent on the pocket, not ideal if you are on a budget and worse if you feel the itch at the end of the month. We’ve been there and done that! Ergo, we have just the right tips for you to have maximum fun with minimum spend.

Drink up at home
Drinks outside are expensive, and much above the MRP, so drink up before you head out the door. Needless to say, have a sober designated driver or call an Uber!

Sate the hunger
Line your stomach with some good old home food before you get out. It’ll keep you from feeling hungry and getting too drunk too soon. Besides bar/pub food is far from great and almost always overpriced.

Ladies night, Ladies
The term “ladies” precedes the night. It is made for you! So, pick Ladies’ Night to drink up and burn the dance floor.

Hello, house party!
Look out for those touted house parties, and get invited. Your stilettos will be just as happy, and will save you the money to buy another.

Ditch the boys
Tons of night spots have ladies nights. Cash in on the privilege. Go sans boys to joints that have an entry fee only for couples and single men. It pays to be a lady!

Pull a “detox”
Sometimes co-partiers can be relentless in their pursuit to get you drunk. Hold your ground and declare that you are undergoing a detox, no one needs to know that you downed a few at home. Breath mints, a must.

Sip small and long
If you must drink, then buy just that one and sip on it, slow and ladylike through the night.

Kick off your heels
If you are having a hard time not giving into temptations, get closer to the dance floor, and farther from the bar, and dance the night away.

On that note, cheers!

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