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Stripes are usually a huge trend every spring-summer and 2018 is no exception. All kinds of stripes are ruling the runways. The thick stripe. The thin stripe. The controversial vertical strip. The white one with black stripes. The black one with white stripes. The multicolor stripes. Everything. But did you know there are different kinds of stripes and you actually have names for them instead of just differentiating by color or thickness? So let’s get started and by the end of it, you’ll be seeing stripes in an entirely new light!


How can we talk about stripes and not start off without mentioning the most famous of them all, right? Though it’s mostly seen on men’s suits, these narrow vertical stripes can be equally well flaunted by women. These are thin stripes placed wide apart with the inter-stripe width always being much more than the width of the stripes. So ladies, go for casual silhouettes like a tie-bottom blouse crop top to be paired with your high waist jeans and ankle boots or maybe a coordinate set of a halter crop top and a pair of shorts with your beach hat and flip flop perfect for a beach vacation.  You can even go for pin-striped cigarette pants as work-wear or smart casual as they make you look taller than you actually are!

Breton Stripes

The iconic Breton stripe originated as a form of the French naval uniform, and with time, there has been numerous modern takes on this authentic pattern. These are horizontally placed Bengal stripes a.k.a. light and dark colored stripes alternatively. These stripes effectively have a broadening effect on the body and are perfect to don if you have a leaner or a petite frame. Girls can opt for a monochrome pencil skirt in this and paired with a lace top and tie up heels, girl you are party ready! You can even go for a Breton striped crew neck t-shirt paired with shorts and sneakers for a casual holiday look.

Regimental Stripes

These are diagonally placed stripes and have colors associated with the colors of regiment’s uniforms, flags and heraldry. Well, no points for guessing from where these stripes got its name from. So, classic red, blue and yellow are mostly seen on this stripes and if you are a fan of these, well these stripes are just the one for you. So ladies, you can definitely go for a Regimental striped semi-formal shirt which you can wear with a pair of beige tailored culottes, pointy toed pumps and an envelope clutch for a smart casual look. You can even add an interesting touch to your outfit by adding a Regimental-striped baseball hat with a crew neck cropped t-shirt and boyfriend jeans.

Candy Stripes

As sweet as the name sounds, this type of stripe is essentially multi-colored stripes on a white background and these stripes are about 1/8 inches from each other. These stripes are perfect for an off-shoulder dress cinched at the waist perfect to be paired with beach-y waves and a dainty sling for a lunch date. You can even go for a flared high low maxi dress with candy stripes in bright summer colors with a topknot, stack of bracelets and fringed sandals for a perfect brunch look!

So, the moral of the story is that you can always count on stripes to make you look good. So, ladies out there, it’s time to give your summer wardrobe a makeover and slay in stripes!

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