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Fashion is a story.

This is our mantra, and we revel in every chapter, every scene and every dialogue of this story. To us, fashion is about a ‘state of mind’ and also a ‘personality’. It entails the ‘art of making’ and yet a lot of deconstruction, changes and evolutions are involved.

Just like a regular story, fashion has characters, narrators, plots, drama, beauty, entertainment and a resolution towards a new fad. So far, this story has never taken a turn towards the end, and we hope it never will.

Circle Mag is our personal platform, where we share our version of this fabulous and addictive story that is fashion.

We weave trends into our moods, colors into styles and we entwine trends with timeless art. Powered by Lifestyle, we use our words on Circle Mag and bring this story to you, our beloved community, making you a part of this global culture.

Home for India’s favorite trends and styles, Lifestyle brings a variety of fashion categories under one roof. It provides seamless and hassle-free shopping, offering leading national and international brands along with the convenience of a true omni-channel, online experience.

Join us to celebrate, experience and explore new viewpoints on fashion at Circle Mag, with chats that will connect us in this dynamic world of fashion!