This season, we asked some artists from various fields about their #Fashion Instinct and created some fun videos for you guys! Our new “Art Meets Fashion” series will show you how an artist’s skills transcend into his/her #FashionInstinct and how they flaunt their instinct wearing clothes & accessories from Lifestyle’s SS 16 collection.

A fashion blogger inspires and influences the girl next door about fashion, trends and styles. She brings the beauty of brands and their fashion products closer to the end consumer, who has faith in her opinion and style sensibility. When a blogger finds something attractive, she can’t wait to share her thoughts with her readers, thus spreading the love for that product or brand. When someone has so much influence on the mass’ mind, no wonder their work takes them places. Shoots, meetings, events; a blogger’s life is all about running around and so, blogger Farah unleashes her #AthleisureInstinct to inspire her followers in style! Layering stripes & checks, hi-low tops on shorts, sports-luxe shoes and casual accessories such as backpacks are her go-to choices for a long day of blogger duties.

Follow Farah’s #AthleisureInstinct and add that sporty edge to your trendy looks to turn heads in style, a la the fashionista!



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