This season, we asked some artists from various fields about their #FashionInstinct and created some fun videos for you guys! Our new “Art Meets Fashion” series will show you how an artist’s skills transcend into his/her #FashionInstinct and how they flaunt their instinct wearing clothes & accessories from Lifestyle’s SS 16 collection.

An actor conveys the emotions of our daily lives through his acts and tells our stories in ways we never thought of before. His skills transcend the boundaries of personalities and take on the form of whichever character he might be playing at a particular point of time. An actor’s talent is, thus, mouldable, flexible and extremely sensitive. In order to slip easily from one character to the next, an actor needs to be comfortable and at ease with his being. And nothing spells comfort better than a good old pair of denims. Hence, it’s little surprise that theatre actor Rohn, who’s also the co-founder of Alma Mater – one of India’s most successful startups, swears by his #DenimInstinct and loves to live life in 50 shades of blue. He’s always game for printed blue tees, acid-washed denim shirts, comfy pairs of well-cut denim trousers and even cool blue shoes!

So, get inspired by the suave Rohn and wear your #DenimInstinct to drive away those Monday morning or mid-week blues in style!





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