This season, we asked some artists from various fields about their #Fashion Instinct and created some fun videos for you guys! Our new “Art Meets Fashion” series will show you how an artist’s skills transcend into his/her #FashionInstinct and how they flaunt their instinct wearing clothes & accessories from Lifestyle’s SS 16 collection.

A style blogger knows how to wear his style with effortless ease and inspire his readers while doing so. His innate sense of fashion guides, influences and motivates his readers to try out new products, styles & trends. Even though a blogger can flaunt new trends & different styles with equal ease, his love all things classic never ends, as even in times of changing trends, a classic is forever. Uday is such a style blogger whose versatile fashion sensibility inspires many, but whose true sense of style lies in classic looks. Needless to say, Uday wears by his #LinenInstinct as he enjoys the summer in breezy linen shirts, comfy linen shorts, stylish linen trousers and even linen summer jackets!

Check out how Uday wears his easy-breezy #LinenInstinct and go for classic outfits this summer to make a style statement just like this suave blogger!




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