This season, we asked some artists from various fields about their #FashionInstinct and created some fun videos for you guys! Our new “Art Meets Fashion” series will show you how an artist’s skills transcend into his/her #FashionInstinct and how they flaunt their instinct wearing clothes & accessories from Lifestyle’s SS 16 collection.

A Radio Jockey is an artist who wins hearts, entertains & makes a lasting impression only with an arresting voice! It’s the voice that does all the hard work and it’s the voice that has the ability to transport us into another world altogether. The voice makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes those hours spent in the car, stuck in traffic, on the way to work a bit more bearable. It’s little surprise that when one part of you is so powerful, the other part must be soft & subtle. RJ Shagufta shows us the soft & feminine persona behind her popular voice by flaunting her #PastelInstinct in this video that’ll give you a glimpse of the pretty woman behind that familiar voice!

Take some style inspiration from RJ Shagufta and wear your #PastelInstinct today to beat the heat in sugary hues  and soft summer style!!!





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