This season, we asked some artists from various fields about their #Fashion Instinct and created some fun videos for you guys! Our new “Art Meets Fashion” series will show you how an artist’s skills transcend into his/her #FashionInstinct and how they flaunt their instinct wearing clothes & accessories from Lifestyle’s SS 16 collection.

When someone revels us with her innate skill to communicate through drawings & illustrations, she makes for a popular artist. An artist’s flare with the pen & paper and her freeflowing stream of ideas makes her stand out and makes her work do all the talking. Popular illustrator Alicia Souza’s works are as widely recognized for their effortless representation of everyday scenarios as they are for the artist’s skill & talent. Her pieces of art take you into a happy, vibrant, playful place and that’s the kind of persona Alicia herself flaunts, which translates into her preference for the #PrintInstnct. It’s little surprise, that a woman who dabbles in shapes, patterns & colors all day, would love to wear them on her clothes too! Hence, it’s prints of all kinds that floats Alicia’s boat and you’ll often see her sporting prints – be it on tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits or even accessories!

So, embrace your inner print-lover and take inspiration from Alicia’s #PrintInstinct as she bowls us over with her love for patterns – both on paper as well as on fabric!







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