In the last few years, the strict line of demarcation between sporty fashion & casual fashion has blurred, and the resulting amalgamation has given birth to a new stream of fashion trend that’s popularly known as Athleisure. The Athleisure trend has been going strong since the past couple of seasons and it’s not going anywhere any soon. So, this winter, you can embrace the win-win combination of comfort & style by flaunting all things Athleisure!

Athleisure trend

Top-sy turvy

The nip in the air is asking you to take out the sweatshirts & hoodies from the back of the wardrobe, and these very pieces of clothing can be your go-to champions of Athleisure this season. Going bowling with friends? Just slip on a superhero-print sweatshirt with denims & sneakers and have a stylish evening ahead! A hooded jacket layered over a tee & denims is also a comfy & trendy look for a movie night or a weekend plan with friends. Your cool sporty tees, jerseys, sweatshirts & jackets make for great Athleisure pieces in this season.

Athleisure trend

Bottoms up

Your sweatpants, joggers & track pants no longer need to be reserved for gym outings or morning jogs. Now you can flaunt a quirky tee, paired with velvet joggers & a chic leather jacket for a stylish travel look. Dapper dudes can sport sweatpants with hoodies & trendy slip-on shoes for a cool, laid-back vibe anywhere from movie dates to lunch with cousins. These sporty bottoms keep you warm, comfortable & give you trendy Athleisure vibes at the same time!

Athleisure trend

All about accessories

Not confident of wearing joggers to the mall or hoodies to lunch? No worries, you can incorporate subtle doses of this trend into your outfits through Athleisure accessories. Throw on your favourite baseball cap with your regular denim & tee outfit, or carry a sporty backpack with a crop top & shorts look for a little touch of Athleisure this season. Sporty sunglasses, chic boxer braid hairdos or wrist bands are different ways of adding the Athleisure touch to your outfits. So, get, set & sport it up!

Athleisure trend shoes

Best foot forward

The Athleisure trend has been reigning supreme, not only in clothes, but in footwear fashion too. Sporty shoes are all the rage and they can funk up any outfit – from denims to chinos and from shorts to dresses. Make chic sneakers your style BFFs this season and pair them with all kinds of ensembles. You can also opt for cool slip-ons, in solid colors, gradient hues or fun prints. Trainers or tennis shoes are also must-haves for rocking the Athleisure style. So, stock up on these types of footwear and flaunt happy feet this season!

So, all you sport & fitness freaks out there, now you can wear your gym wear outside your gym too! And those of you who steer clear of the Sports section in stores, it’s time you update your wardrobe with a few Athleisure pieces to stay on top of the trends this winter! Be a sport and embrace the Athleisure trend now!





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