A girl and her make-up kit is always inseparable, but sometimes it’s not possible (or practical) to haul all your innumerable beauty products on your travels. That’s precisely why a well-stocked travel make-up bag is indispensible – you can have it ready with all the essential items and just throw it in your luggage while packing! So, we drew up a list of beauty essentials that are must-haves in your travel bag to make sure you look your pretty best in those holiday selfies!

L'oreal BB cream

Light foundation or BB/CC cream

A smooth & lightweight foundation is necessary to flaunt an even toned skin throughout the day. The wide variety of BB & CC creams available in the market nowadays are perfect substitutes if you are not the foundation type of girl. The lightly tinted creams moisturise the face while giving it an even shade without making you look too made up. Carry one in your travel kit to look flawless wherever you go!

Sunscreen & moisturiser

With the earth’s damaged Ozone layer & the strong impact of the sun’s UV rays, it’s advisable not to step out without a good slathering of sunscreen wherever you go. Always carry one that suits your skin type and doesn’t make you sweat too much. Similarly, a moisturiser is a must to keep your skin hydrated, soft & supple after a long day of travelling or sightseeing.

Colorbar eye pencil

Eye pencil or liner

Most Indian women swear by their kohl pencils as the dash of black (or any other colour) adds a bit of drama to their peepers. So, your make-up kit is incomplete without a good eye pencil and maybe even a liquid eyeliner, if drawing the perfect wingtips is one of your super powers! A waterproof eye pencil is the best bet as it can take you through a long day of travelling and combat sweat, water and even the sea spray!

Lakme eyeconic mascara


A swipe of mascara is all it takes to take even the simplest make-up looks from drab to fab! Don’t forget to carry a mascara for the nights out exploring a new place. Add some volume to those lashes and you are all set for dinner at the most popular restaurant in a city miles away from home.

Make-up brushes

Proper make-up, however light & little it may be, needs the proper make-up brushes for perfect application. Include some of the basic & indispensible brushes in your travel kit, such as the eye-shadow brush, the blending sponge, the eyeliner brush and the lipcolor brush. You can include others also that you might need. Pack the brushes neatly & safely and clean them properly after use so that they don’t get damaged in transit.

Revlon lipstick

Lipstick & lip gloss

A pop of color on the puckers is a great way to spice up those pouty holiday selfies! Your travel bag must have a few bright lip colors to add a happy vibe to your travel looks. Choose shades that brighten your skin tone and don’t smudge easily so that you can flaunt them for long hours! For the evening outs, carry a couple of shimmery lip glosses to sparkle & shine through the pictures!

Make-up remover

Last, but not the least, after a long day of travelling or sightseeing; do your skin the favour of removing all make-up before going to bed. Carry a small travel-sized container of a make-up remover that suits your skin and make sure you clean up your face completely at night. Also carry an exfoliating face-wash to clear up the day’s dirt & grime and  a good night cream to moisturise your skin as you drift off to sleep.

It’s smart to buy travel-sized versions of all the necessary products so that it’s easier to carry around and you can have the travel make-up kit ready to take with you whenever you feel the wanderlust! Be it an impromptu weekend trip or a long exotic vacation; just chuck it in your luggage and get, set go!




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