Republic Day tri color fashion

Republic Day is not only loved as a much-awaited national holiday, but also as a day all Indians are proud of. This day starts with everyone tuning in to the parade broadcasted live from the capital on national television, but there are various ways of celebrating this special holiday. One of the easiest and actually the most stylish way of celebrating Republic Day is to dress up in our national colors – all decked up and proud to be an Indian. Be it the women, men or kids, everybody can dress up in green, orange and white as a fun way of celebrating the country’s legacy. Coordinate your outfits and accessories in the tri colors, and whether you go on a flag-hoisting ceremony or on a picnic with family, your outfit will totally be on-point!

Men in White

Now, the male population of the country can very well dress themselves up in the famous tri colours to look nothing less than fab. If you want to go the traditional way for the flag-hoisting, you can go for a white kurta and pair it with white pyjamas and an orange and green waistcoat or stole. Going the western way has got umpteen possibilities, such as going for a white shirt, blue jeans and a green and orange printed bomber jacket or blazer to get you ready for the day. Also, if you are bold enough, you can definitely go for rust chinos, a camouflage shirt and white canvas loafers for a subtle yet impressive Republic Day style statement. You can also incorporate the tri-colours in your shoes or accessories such as going for white sneakers with green laces in one foot and orange laces in the other for a fun twist to the patriotic look!

Women in Green

Dressing up like a stylish patriotic without ending up looking like a walking-talking Indian flag can be tricky if you don’t know how to toe that fine line. This Republic Day, girls can go for the kurti-patiala-dupatta combo or the tunic-palazzo-shrug combo in the three significant colors. To make things less presumable, you can choose to don a deep emerald skirt, a white button down blouse and an orange neckpiece and bracelets. Going for a white and green foliage printed dress with burnt orange stilettos and a coral pout will also do the job perfectly. Accessories such as bags or scarves or belts or jewellery can be added in green or orange will ideally prep up any chic white outfit into something patriotic in an instant!

Kids in Orange

The younger generations of the country needs to learn a lesson in patriotic dressing early on in life. Your little munchkins should definitely give the tri-colors a try and look cute as a button on this holiday. Girls can go for printed frocks in a mix of the three colors or a white top and orange skirt with green ballet shoes. They can also dress up in traditional ghagra-choli in the colors of the nation and look cutely patriotic. Boys can definitely go for blue jeans, orange and green striped t-shirt and white sneakers, or a white kurta, orange pyjamas and green Nehru jacket. But whatever they wear, when it’s in the tri-colors of the nation, it will surely bring a smile on the faces of people wherever they go!

So, with such stylish mix-n-matches options using the colors of the country, it’s a must that you decide your outfit taking these cues. You can even incorporate your own ideas and pull off a total killer outfit in elements of orange, green and white. Whatever you choose to wear, remember to flaunt it in style, like a true-blue Indian! Jai Hind!

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