Invites are being sent out, gifts are being bought, plans are being made, outfits are being decided – yes, the party season is here! It’s time to let your hair down and dance the nights away with friends!! Who knows, you might even get a chance to catch the attention of that cute guy or the pretty girl you secretly have a crush on? So make sure, you don’t blend into the ubiquitous party crowd – you need to look different in order to be the star of the season! Read on for some tips and tricks on how to stand out in a sea of sequinned dresses or leather jackets.





Groomed to perfection

How you present yourself makes the first impression on people whenever you step into a party. Start grooming yourself well the moment you get the party invite. Guys should sport well-styled hair and flaunt a nice fragrance in order to impress the girls. Girls, of course, need to make those very important trips to the salon to make sure that they are ready to turn heads at the parties. Keep the make-up minimal with a light shimmer on the eyes and a pop of colour on the lips and look different from the other heavily made-up faces.




Black is boring

Black might be back, like every other season, but why not give it a miss this time? Leave the LBD in the depths of your closet and go for a vibrant red or pink dress that will make you stand out in a crowd of black. If you wish to wear something black at all, accessorize it with bright colours in the form of shoes, bags or statement jewellery. Guys can ditch their quintessential black leather jackets for more military-chic olive green jackets or a suave oxblood waistcoat. You can even add a pop of colour with a fun bow-tie!




Be a social butterfly

You hang out with your friends all the year round. So, take the opportunity that parties provide to make new friends and socialize with people whom you don’t meet often enough. Don’t miss out on all the fun by staying restricted to your friend group throughout the night. Mix with like-minded individuals, find people with similar interests and the evening will pass in a whirlwind of enjoyable company and good times.




Simmer down the shine

Parties are synonymous to bling. But if you want to be striking in a sea of shine, then it’s best not to overdo it. Steer clear of sequinned or glitter-filled dresses and keep the shimmer restricted to shoes or bags. Guys can add a hint of bling via metallic sneakers or studded accessories. An overdose of bling might make you look like a typical party-goer, so be a shining star in a more subtle look!

Do the unexpected

Turn heads by being your spontaneous self – break rules, have fun & unleash your carefree spirit. Dance like no-one’s watching, jump in the pool with your BFF in tow, crack silly jokes or laugh out the loudest at one someone else made. This is the time to have unbridled fun and be remembered for your crazy ways, as long as it’s not harmful fun. Make sure your happy-go-lucky behaviour doesn’t create problems for your host or the other guests and you can even stun yourself by how crazy you can be!

Now that you know how to shine bright in the midst of the quintessential party crowd, go out and party the year-end away in style!



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