Valentine’s Day is big on romance but, let’s be honest, it’s also BIG on clichés – flowers, chocolates, mush, you name it. But is a nice dinner or movie date it? Absolutely Not! Ditch the high-end celebratory dinner or movie date (keep it for another special occasion – birthday, anniversary, and the likes), and try these fresh, exciting ways to celebrate the day of love and amp up the romance. We’ll let the flowers play flag bearer to the Valentine’s Day’s clichés.

The Stars, your Love and You. It doesn’t get more romantic than lying under the open skies with your Valentine. A good bottle of wine or whiskey, or whatever your poison, a small basket of gourmet sandwiches, and you have the most perfect date right there. Don’t know of an open place? Try your terrace!

Trip to a Gaming Arcade. We are constantly fed the perfect candlelit dinner image, but don’t fall for it. Trust us, nothing compares to unadulterated goofy fun, and there’s no better place than a gaming arcade for it. It’s the easiest and the most fun way to strike a bond, minus the pretence.

Tour a Vineyard. There’s wine, there’s walking, there’s nature and there’s the both of you. What could possibly be better?

Karaoke or DDR. Maybe not the greatest idea for a first date (you may just freak him/her out) but if you are not afraid to show who you really are, this could be an amazingly fun night, not to mention hot – if it’s DDR. Follow up with a gourmet takeout to keep it special, and of course, keeping the wine handy is not too bad an idea.

Trekking or Camping. If you two are passionately athletic and enjoy the outdoors, trekking/camping is a great way to spend the day of love. Sweat it out, cuddle up and bond amidst the wilderness.

Hit the Waters. A Beach, a lake, a hot tub – whatever you have access to will work just fine. If you are at the beach or lake, enjoy the sunset together. If hot tub it is, then light some scented candles, sip on wine and enjoy each other’s company. It’s romantic and you know it!

A Little Naughty is Nice. Light some candles, play a few drunken games of chess, Jenga or any of your favourite board game, order in your favourite food and cuddle up once you’ve exhausted your competitive spirit. How’s that for high intensity romance? Need we say more?

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