It’s classic, it’s glamorous, it’s sexy, it’s elegant, it’s bold, it’s powerful and it’s all kinds of awesome – The red lip. The most versatile weapon in the beauty book, it can take you from drab to diva in no time, no fairy godmother or wand required. But getting the red lip right can be a bit of a challenge, even for the lipstick savvy. The top hacks for rocking red lips, just for you.

The right shade – two ways. There is all that talk about warm vs. cool and blue vs. pink undertone. If it all goes above your head, buy one of each and mix. Apply the cool red to your lips fully and the warmer shade only at the centre. Voila! You have fuller lips and a colour that suits you!

Exfoliate. There’s nothing worse than having a bold colour on chapped lips. So, exfoliate your lips gently with some brown sugar or a disposable mascara wand before you paint it.

Powder On. Red lips can create a mess by bleeding into the skin. Spread on some powder evenly onto your lips before you apply the colour. That’ll keep the colour where it belongs, and for longer.

Lip Liner – yay or nay? Avoid the liner if it’s not the exact shade as your lipstick, and if you must, then use your fingers to soften the lines by blending in with your finger.

Cross the cupid’s brow. For the perfect application, start by drawing an “X” at the centre of your upper lip, then line the rest of the lip and, finally, fill in the colour.

Layer, Blot, Layer, Blot. To make the colour last long, apply coat of colour, then blot, followed by another swipe of colour and a final blot. This will remove excess oils and prevent colour bleed.

Make it pop. Make the red really pop by lining the outside of the lips with concealer. It will also keep the colour from bleeding.

No more lipstick on the teeth. Before you leave the house, put a finger in your mouth and form an O around it with your lips. Any colour in your inner lips is now on your finger, and there’s nothing left for your teeth. Yay!

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