The best face washes will cleanse your skin of all its impurities, oil and dirt build-up and, at the same time, moisturise and nourish it so as not to cause dryness, irritation and breakouts. Skincare isn’t always as straightforward as you want it to be, which is why we’ve rounded up different types of face washes for men.

Here are some of the best face washes for men…

Beardo Neem Face Wash

Formulated with the goodness of neem, Beardo’s face wash for men deep cleanses the skin to remove all impurities and oil. Neem is also known to reduce itchiness, redness and irritation caused by acne-prone skin. It also has castor oil and menthol, all ingredients perfect for acne control. The aloe vera has a soothing and hydrating effect to not dry out your skin thoroughly after use. This is one of the best face washes for glowing skin!

The Man Company Ylang Ylang and Argan Oil Charcoal Face Wash

For an all-round face wash that does everything for oily skin, this deep-cleansing face wash from The Man Company is what you need to start your day right. The charcoal sloughs off impurities that settle on the skin and clog the pores, while the Ylang Ylang gives you a fresh look. This face wash also treats acne and blackheads, preventing skin infections and oil build-up. The other active ingredient – argan oil – is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids that moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

L’Oreal Paris Expert Volcano Red Foam Facewash

Which brand is the best for men’s face wash? You can never go wrong with a tried and tested brand like L’Oreal Paris. The active ingredient in this face wash is salicylic acid, well-known for its benefits for oily skin. It purifies the skin from within, cleaning the pores and absorbing excess oil to keep the skin clean and fresh throughout the day. It also tightens pores, making it harder for dirt and oil to enter them.

Beardo De-Tan Facewash

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, Beardo’s De-Tan Facewash is ideal for your skin. It is a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt and oil. The aloe vera and vitamin E will nourish your skin without leaving it dry. What makes this facewash stand out from the others is that it de-tans the skin, returning your skin to its natural state after you’ve been exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

Bombay Shaving Company Moisturising Face and Body Wash

For a two-in-one solution that you can use for your face and body, you can always opt for this cleanser. The three main active ingredients in this cleanser are shea butter, menthol and activated charcoal, each with its own benefits. Shea butter is a natural moisturiser that makes the skin smoother and softer, and the activated charcoal removes dirt and oil from within, while the menthol adds long-lasting freshness and odour-control you want to start your day with. This is why Bombay Shaving Company’s Moisturising Face and Body Wash is not just one of the best face washes for men but also one of the top body washes too.

Ustraa Anti Pollution Face Scrub

While you’re out and about during your busy schedule, your face is exposed to various external factors like dust and pollution. That’s why, by the end of the day, it tends to look duller and drier than first thing in the morning. This is where Ustraa’s Anti-Pollution Face Scrub can change how your skin looks and feels. The activated charcoal and Tahitian volcanic sand rid the skin of harmful pollutants and prevent breakouts because of their exfoliating effect.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard + Face + Hair 3-In-1 Wash

This 3-in-1 face wash is one of the top 10 best face washes for men with beards or facial hair. Formulated keeping in mind facial hair and skin solutions, it is rich in cedarwood essential oil. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes beard flakes and residue and eliminates any odour, leaving your skin and facial hair feeling softer than ever.

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The Man Company Foaming Face Wash

Designed with an innovative in-built brush with soft bristles that can be used on your face, this deep cleansing face wash gently exfoliates the skin. The added natural ingredients like amla, green tea extract and neem balance the skin’s natural oils, improving its texture and reducing breakouts. The aloe vera and green tea extract also reverse sun damage, helping your skin return to its natural tone.

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I am someone who does not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to skincare. This blog was super helpful for me and helped me pick some of the best face wash for men!

Prateek Shah

I have heard about a lot of face wash but I never know how different is one face wash from another. This blog was super insightful and helped me pick the face wash according to my skin issues. Loved their options of best face wash for men.

Mukti Shah

Lately I had been having a lot of breakouts but this piece gave me so many options to try! Bookmarking this for future reference.

Ann Mary P M

I was so confused to pick my facewash, This blog saved my skin. It suggested me some best face wash for men according to my skin type.